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Thanks for removing it from the store - but unfortunately, just a bit too late for me. I just installed it 30 minutes ago, ran into the error and came here to find if others had the same issue.

Sorry to hear that.

Thank you Frenk for your clarification.
Could you suggest me an alternative way to use Portainer with Hass.io on DIetPi (Pine64 card) ?

You can install it by getting root access to the host system and install Portainer from there (as per Portainer documentation). This requires you to keep it updated yourself and is unmanaged by Hassio. So be careful (I generally discourage this).

I except this add-on to return soon.

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Hi @frenck
do you have any new information regarding this topic?

The addon is fixed now and is under review.
Soon you should be able to see it in you hassio store.

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@nicohirsch :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :wink:

:tada: Release v0.3.0

Hassio now provides official support for add-ons like Portainer.
This release, re-instates the add-on back into the add-on store :tada:!

Full Changelog

  • Fixes default build architecture in Dockerfile
  • Removes some unused code
  • Updates Docker usage instructions when protection mode is disabled
  • Updates documentation installation instructions

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I don´t know if there´s anything to do with the features of this addon, but I´m having a problem with my samba share addon since this morning is not sarting, I can install, but no start, I´ve already retored the addon from other versio and still same problem heres my logs:

8-11-25 19:14:43 WARNING (SyncWorker_8) [hassio.docker.interface] Can't grep logs from homeassistant/armhf-addon-samba: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error ("can not get logs from container which is dead or marked for removal")
18-11-25 19:14:48 INFO (SyncWorker_3) [hassio.docker.interface] Clean homeassistant/armhf-addon-samba Docker application
18-11-25 19:14:48 ERROR (SyncWorker_3) [hassio.docker] Can't create container from addon_core_samba: 409 Client Error: Conflict ("Conflict. The container name "/addon_core_samba" is already in use by container "a4b5eefeebe19641bd72958c47580b0c557143113c1b3908a6cc60404faa5339". You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.")

500 error is an SSL error. The second error seems to indicate you have multiple images or containers for Samba.

I would remove the Samba addon through Home Assistant and then in Portainer look at the images and containers… delete any that relate to Samba.

Then add the Samba addon again and configure it and start it.

That is not related to the add-on. Nevertheless, I’ve seen that error before. My initial guess would be: You are running on the older ResinOS. If that is the case, please upgrade to HassOS. If I’m not right, please file an issue on the hassio GitHub.

That is so far from the truth and incorrect. Please stop answering incorrect information. Thanks.

Yes im running on resinos, will dl the upgrade and let you know, thanks very much

Hello, first of all, thanks for all your work you do for this community Frenck!
I’ve got one question as a total noob.

I’m busy installing the software for the nefit easy thermostat.
To do that i have to do the following:

> # at the hassio&gt; prompt login # now at the bash-4.4# prompt # run shell in homeassistant docker containter **docker exec -it homeassistant /bin/bash**


I can’t run that command now via ssh on my hass.io installation.
Can i run this docker command with this portainer.io software?


@Roelofk85 The instructions on that GitHub issue you refer, are the worst ever. DO NOT USE IT. Really… Don’t.

I would look into something like a custom add-on or running it on the Community SSH add-on.
Checked the source, it is just a custom HA component. It should take care of its own dependencies. A component that requires a user to install dependencies manually; is just broken by design.

Al in all, off topic :wink:

It was the “easyest” thing i could find to get the thermostat working.
This evening i’m going to continue my search for another option :sweat_smile:

Its posible to run a bash container to make some basj scripts? Like its raspbian.


Getting the same ‘X-Frame-Options = DENY
Following to see if it gets fixed

I just wanted to thank @frenck for bringing the Portainer addon to the community!

Portainer has many great features. For example, I find it very helpful in attaching to addons during development for debugging.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

:tada: Release v0.4.0

Full Changelog

  • Improves hidden Hassio containers #2 (#7) (@bbbenji)
  • Fixes spelling error in Dockerfile
  • Removes BountySource links
  • Removes Anchore.io links
  • Updates maintenance year to 2019
  • Refactor of GitLab CI
  • Upgrades add-on base image to 2.3.1
  • Fixes MarkdownLint warnings
  • Configure Renovate (#10)
  • Replaces add-on link with GitHub link
  • Upgrades Portainer to 1.20.0
  • Fixes build by removing unsupported i386

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ok, i installed this addon, i want to create a container
so turned off protection mode, i want to webinterface
so i added a container, gave it name ubuntu , it downloaded the ubuntu image
network was automaticly in bridge
but when i start container : it gives me an error : exit code 0
logs are emtpy?

why cant i just run a simple ubuntu container?
what am i missing