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Wow, yes it did. Can you write it up as a community guide?

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Will do. But I may wait untill I have a proper keyboard, I’m on vacation now.

Only the example I gave in the topic.

I was trying to see how the recent changes affected the post about the autogenerated dashboard. But I have so many entities, the autogenerated dashboard is totally locking up my iPad air. I guess my partner would say my hobby is getting out of hand. I just think: I need an iPad pro… :rofl:


Tracking down instability issues caused by integrations Added to cookbook index (Troubleshooting)


Thank you! Do we need to make sure all cookbook posts are in the Community Guides category?

If they are not, they can’t be edited by anyone except the original author - and I think this is true even if you move them to Community Guides. There may be issues keeping them up to date in the future.

Edit: An alternative is to ask the author to use the “make wiki” option.

I messaged bdraco and he was ok with moving it. It looks like it’s done.

I moved it myself, but he needs to make it a wiki since it was created outside Community Guides.

Guys, don’t move pinned topics. I’m going to move it back so that it has optics on it during this release. Configuration has the most traffic, that’s where people will head when encountering an issue with 2024.5.

We can make a separate cookbook post if needed at a later date.

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looping @bdraco in so he knows what is happening


Sorry… I didn’t read this first… I changed the category…

I didn’t notice the pin. Have to start looking for that I guess.

Added a link for this in getting started HA

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can we add this to the troubleshooting section: Instructions to install Py-spy on HAOS
yep we can… added as number 8 there

Hmm, yeah that is really, really unfortunate! I haven’t thought about that. :frowning: I need to check, if Discourse doesn’t offer anything for that.

So, for the time being, we best leave it as is. :slight_smile:

I’d say so! Maintainance is a nightmare otherwise. I have that in another forum at the moment, you’re only allowed to edit your own posts after three months of membership and I haven’t reached that… Writing sometimes twice a day to a moderator isn’t a funny thing to do. And after the update you see two or three typos, so you write again to a moderator… We need the possibility for others to edit these posts, otherwise I wouldn’t use for the Cookbook.

Taking this into account, is there a possibility to make use of a “special account”? Something like a user called “CookbookAuthor” and we share the password for this account? It’s not really a good idea, but if we could limit the rights to editing posts in one category, it should work.

Or would it make sense, to open a new category in the forum “Cookbook”, where we could grant or limit access to all different things?

I’m just throwing in ideas here… :laughing:

Back to topics to list in the Cookbook:

List it or not? :slight_smile:

Are you asking in reference to the topic of Sunrise/sunset automations or Combining/Refining automations. For the cookbook, I think both would be good topics… but that particular post might not be the best way to show and explain either of them.

That post is from before trigger IDs and conditions existed and when the Sun conditions were only kind of functional. A new user setting up the automation is likely just going to type “sun” into the trigger search, so any guide should include that method.

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I like it.

I’d agree that the post itself can be evolved too. :wink:


Not; the concepts it presents are valid but its examples are outdated.


Ok, ok, I’ll admit defeat! :laughing: :rofl: I just love the concept it shows, it’s a very good and elegant example, on how to evolve ones automations. But yes, the examples are outdated. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone would be willing to re-write or update it? :smiley: hint hint :rofl:

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What on earth is Py-spy? :thinking: