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Thread for discussion of all things relating to the Home Assistant Cookbook - announcements, comments, suggestions… complaints… :roll_eyes:

Please jump in.

Cookbook posts are in the Community Guides category, which means they can be edited by anyone.


New cookbook item:

Integrations, add-ons and custom integrations.

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Added jump links to the index and changed the end to limit stuff as we discussed offline.
Feel free to tweak as needed.
Also added Blueprint section.

Now if you are using the cookbook and you want to refer someone to say all the ‘Energy Monitoring’ topics, for instance, there is a jump link to take them right there…

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Added a post highlighting the discourse discobot tutorials.
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regarding automation#1

I think this should be required reading and/or directly linked to in the automation builder UI. thank you for writing it.

one suggestion… I think this:

is the fundamental mental model that people need to wrap their head around. the current title (trigger only fires once) can be misinterpreted… It could fire many times if the stage changes back and forth. I know what you mean… but I think the current title is a little iykyk… also I would say it is a result of the mental model that this is a state change event trigger… not a state trigger.

your words above are the key…

I recognize it’s a community post so anyone can edit, but it’s your article so I didn’t want to take liberties…

anyways, great article… thank you.


I see your point. I cannot seem to phrase it better using the current title as a starting point. How about just calling it “Automation #1: Numeric state triggers”? It’s after all what it’s about and not triggers in genera.


  • A trigger is an event… Not a state, but a change of state.
  • Trigger fires on a change of state.
  • Trigger only fires when it changes from not true to true.

I think that is the best description

Numeric state itself is a bit weird (different from other triggers), because it’s actually a trigger on a state change with a condition. I mean, you can literally use a normal state trigger with a numeric state condition, which I think is a lot clearer as to what is actually happening (for new starters). I suppose one can see time and time pattern triggers like this too.

I know, I know, we had that long thread about terminology and I think you made good points on how triggers and conditions are being confused, while I said it’s quite clear, but in this case I totally see the issue. :slight_smile:

Title changed… :grin:

Please do - thats why these things are wikis.

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Added a couple of links to existing sources of information of troubleshooting. (Thanks @MaxK )

The categories seem to be getting a bit mixed - is there a better way of ordering them?

Would it be better to have a separate post for Troubleshooting? I was thinking that the Cookbook would be a “how to make stuff” (automations, etc.) and the Troubleshooting Guide would be a “how to investigate when stuff doesn’t work”

The cookbook may be heading that way in the long term, but maybe a bit soon? Don’t want to end up with a complete new set of docs and have someone post a cookbook to help people find their way through it… :laughing:

Let’s wait to see that the US thinks - they’re still having breakfast.

I recently saw something added to the cookbook that explains how templates are evaluated. I feel that belongs in the official documentation (in the Rate Limiting Updates section) where this topic is introduced and explained.

I feel there should be a clear division between the cookbook and the documentation. The docs explain basic concepts whereas the cookbook shows how to apply those concepts. Otherwise we will have two references explaining concepts and neither is complete (i.e. you will have to read both to fully understand a basic concept).


Good point - and a good distinction. Perhaps something based on the cookbook post should be submitted for the docs, which might benefit from a summary section.

Cookbook posts should certainly include links to the documentation (which I’ve added in this case).

Thoughts, anyone?

Edit: The original post by @petro was in response to a question, not a community guide.

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Ya I translated it and attributed it on a request, but do whatever needs doing.
I personally don’t know the answers there.
It was @parautenbach 's request originally.

I agree and I came to sit down now with the intention to submit a PR to the docs, but now I got myself in a twist. Maybe I’m overcomplicating it.

Petro’s post included this link: Template.

My first instinct was to add it to Templating, but what he wrote is a combination of the states object and templating functions.

Ideally one would like to keep this all together, but it kind of sits between the two pages. That rate-limiting section mentions the state object, but I think adding a list of template functions in there will be rejected in a PR.

Anything out of context (directly) will not fly.

Nwe cookbook item:

Organising and annotating automations.

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Added section on using trigger_id’s for documenting triggers to that one.

Decided against adding template comments to that because out of scope.