Home Assistant crashing after clocks changed?

Same here. And I’m 150 km away from home, I can still connect to SSH over Zero Tier One but didn’t take my SSH key with me.

How comes Supervisor won’t detect the problem and restart HA?

Yes, same here. I have two HA in two different locations. Both crashed tonight when we switched to winter time. I have no clue why. Hard reboot fixed the first one. The second one is 1 hour away by car… maybe I should use one of my old 433 MHz Telldus switches in front of Ha so I can reboot from a distance via the Telldus app…

I have the same problem with HA Supervised.
However, my system rebooted itself at 06:47 CET this morning, after which all went back to normal.

The history graphs problems also reported are sort of cosmetic but the /n time problem is a critical bug. I have a temperamental ESP32 based camera that I power cycle every hour to keep it active. When I woke at 01:15 it was resetting approximately every second. If that automation had been controlling a more sensitive device such as a fridge or freezer the unit would almost certainly be damaged.

Hi, me too when solar time changed my raspberry with HA operating system crashed and I had to restart it.

Home assistant on Raspberry Pi has crashed here after the UK clock change. House is red hot after HA has had the combo boiler on all night!

Same here. Exactly at 3am. After rebooting, the system had 100% CPU usage - but the supervisor showed normal low load. My HA runs in a VM under Unraid with Frigate and Deconz as Docker containers in Unraid.
I guess, there is some weird stuff going on with Frigate because it also showed high load till I reloaded it.

Same problem here. It’s annoying to go and restart the whole HA system at three o’clock in the morning. Voice announcements were repeated every second.

Hi, everyone

Just go chime in: I also ran into trouble at 2am, when the clock turned back to 1. In my case HA remained online, but my recorder stopped just as others have reported above.

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I have one or two time pattern triggers (checking for heating control issues every 30 minutes, and checking conditions for automatically setting an alarm every 10). Home assistant crashed at about 2am and in doing so brought down the whole OS, so that killed my deconz and unifi controller Addons as well.

A quick hard reset via the micro USB plug on my Tinkerboard got everything back up and running again but it was unexpected from a remarkably stable system.

Similar for me. I had a very CPU usage.
A restart solved it

I have a vicars integration every 15m and as of 2h00 ran every second … So threshold vicare reached and no heating this morning.

Same here. High CPU usage and no sensor history since time change.
I don’t have any automations in HA (time triggered or otherwise) all my automation is done in Node-Red but I have few time dependent template sensors.

I restarted my entire Proxmox installation including HA VM once I noticed it just to be safe. Everything seems to be working after reboot.

My system crashed at 02:00 GMT. I don’t have any time pattern automations. A reboot fixed it, but a cold shower this morning as HA didn’t turn on the hot water. The history shows all sensor data stopped at 2am.

same here, crashed this morning

Yes. My system crashed too during the night at 2am or 3am in the morning.

I just noticed after the time change that I don’t have anything in my logbook today.
for the rest all automations just worked fine overnight.
Also the history is no problem.

My system was showing flatlines on frontend and in recorder history since 2am, however all data was recorded ok to my influxdb component, so looked like most of the core was running ok, high memory and CPU though. All fixed with reboot of host to be sure.

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Same here - 2am flatline on all sensors; restart solved.


Same here HA crashed when the clocks went back… I do have a handful of time pattern automations