Home-Assistant integration of 'Abfall.IO' waste collection dates & schedule

Thanks, no problem. I already implemented a solution for my waste collection (via google calendar). Working fine but an addon with collecting data from a web url is much better than manually adding the ics to the calendar.
When I have some time I am going to parse the ICS file…

Hi Tom,

I came to the same conclusion and was able to adapt the component to use the json I recieved via the Ajax request. Component is working fine now.

Thanks for the help,

I had a strange bug. The order of the columns in the response no longer matches the payload. Therefore I had wrong data. I fixed it by saving the index from the first line in a dictionary.
If someone else has the same problem:

        rowCounter = 0
        columns = None
        gelberSack = []
        restAbfall = []
        papierTonne = []
        bioTonne = []
        problemStoffMobil = []
        for row in reader:
            if rowCounter == 0:
                columns = {k:row.index(k) for k in row}
                if (row[columns["Biotonne"]] != ""):
                    bioTonne.append(datetime.strptime(row[columns["Biotonne"]], "%d.%m.%Y"))

                if (row[columns["Restmülltonne"]] != ""):
                    restAbfall.append(datetime.strptime(row[columns["Restmülltonne"]], "%d.%m.%Y"))

                if (row[columns["Papiertonne"]] != ""):
                    papierTonne.append(datetime.strptime(row[columns["Papiertonne"]], "%d.%m.%Y"))

                if (row[columns["Gelber Sack"]] != ""):
                    gelberSack.append(datetime.strptime(row[columns["Gelber Sack"]], "%d.%m.%Y"))

                if (row[columns["Problemstoffmobil"]] != ""):
                    problemStoffMobil.append(datetime.strptime(row[columns["Problemstoffmobil"]], "%d.%m.%Y"))                        

            rowCounter = rowCounter + 1

Thanks for publishing this. I changed the code at home with your recommendation. Just in case the change the order of values in Landshut too :slight_smile: works like a charm.

if its okay, i publish the changed code on my blog.


Of course :slight_smile:

I changed the date comparisons from

if nextDate > datetime.now():


if nextDate.date() >= datetime.now().date():

It showed me the next date when the actual date is today on HA restart.

Thanks for this component!


I have a google calendar integration with the dates. Is it possible to modify your module to use this google calendar? Right now I have 3 entities from the google calendar with dates but I also want to see how many days and so on.

The Date of one of these entities in found in an attribute. For Example the entity name is calendar.abfall_papier and in the atribute “start_time” is the date.

Thanks and cheers



I am pretty new to HA and just found this integration. My town works with the MyMüll App but also has a script on the homepage to get to the collection dates. Could anyone help me to find out if this website could be integrated and how:

Thanks for your help