Home assistant interface taking long time to load

Loading my automation system front end, clicking on the Systems tab in settings, takes 20 seconds to load. Storage takes a long time. Backup a long time. Everything seems to work, but the delay tells me something is wrong.

I upgraded my hardware from RPi 3 to RPi 4. New 64gb SD card.

Do you have any recommendations to start investigating this?

I would try booting in safe mode to see if I get the same behavior. If not, probably an Integration causing the problem.

Then disable each integration to see if I can find the misbehaving one.

Finally, I would follow steps here:

You could also take a look at the integration start up times by going to settings → system → repairs → 3 dot menu on top right, integration start up times.

After disabling and enabling integrations and restarting HA, I find that the issue is not the integrations but the time since restart.

It seems that HA is super slow (e.g. 30 seconds to load a page in the front end) for a while after restart. I don’t know how much time. I walk away and do other stuff then come back.

After an hour or so (the time could be shorter), I can move around the front end without waiting. It stinks when trying to develop or troubleshoot. I never had this problem before. Will leave it unless anyone else has seen this.