Home assistant log increased

I did not check the logs for somewhile, and today I noticed that the disk is full. I have “home_assistant_xxxx.log” which is almost 22gb. I can not even connect with Terminal SSH, because disck is full. How can I clear or delete the log file? and how can I put filter on log such that only last 7 days are backed there?

The log is a text file. 22 GB of text is enormous. You have a major issue.

Do you have the SAMBA Share addon installed?

If so, use a PC to navigate to the config share and download config/home_assistant.log. then delete it from the system. Do download it first so you can see what happened.

What sort of install hardware are you using?

I do not have Samba share, checking the log. Running un raspberry pi with 32gb sd card


Take the card out of the Pi.

Put in in a PC card reader.

If it is a Linux PC you are all set to find the file, cut and paste it somewhere else.

If it is a Windows PC you can use DiskInternals Linux Reader (free) to read the file to see what is going on. You can’t write / delete the file.

Restarting Home Assistant twice should delete the file. First time it renames the file to home_assistant.log.1 and starts a new home_assistant.log file. Second time it does that again overwriting the huge home_assistant.log.1 file.

i restarted and is not restarting any more. going to connect directly and delete it. Lets see.

Move the file off the system rather than deleting it. We need to know what happened to prevent it happening again.

I think I turned on “DEBUG” and forget to turn it off. Do not know where I did this.

I am connected directly to rasberry, I am not able to find the log with 25gb file. I searched for config, nothing found.

As mentioned above by Tom, search for “home-assistant.log” and “home-assistant.log.1”

If You mean you are in the CLI, it’s located in /mnt/data/supervisor/homeassistant

I end up resetting everything from backup and installing new os. After restarting it messed up everything. I deleted some journel file to clear some spaces then it messed up.