Home Assistant Simple Motorised Roller Blind

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very nice release. I have integrated it on many blinds by now. Many thanks at this point. But I still have one question. Is there a way to change the motor direction ? Either in HA or in the Arduino code ? One more small addition, with the Safari browser it doesn’t work for me that the SSID and the password are taken over. In the Arduino code there is always an empty string. I could not test another browser yet, but I will do it later.

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Any reason not to use ESPHome? There’s a time tested version that uses the same parts HERE

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So there is currently no way of changing the motor direction but it’s a good idea for a later release.

It’s the .step() method that determines the direction. Either 1 or -1 so it’s shouldn’t be too difficult to implement that once I find some time.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean with regards to the Safari browser, could you elaborate?

No reason at all other than I prefer coding over scripting.

Fair point, I should probably do more coding.