Home assistant slow best to start with new install

Starting as a newbie I am quite sure over the past months I probably did not optimize my hassio install. Last few weeks system gets rather slow and sometimes reboots in safe mode. I am thinking on using SD card for boot and USB flash drive for data partition. What is best to do? Start with a new install from scratch (after securing data from configuration.yaml and maybe other files) or should I transfer from SD Card to USB and improve my current install?

How is you current HA installed ?

Rp4 with hassio on sd card. But i have the feeling since i have energy monitor installed and watching live streams of cameras system gets very slow and sometimes unresponsive

mostly the problems are related to SD Cards, so there is no reason to throw the whole configuration overboard. Just try to optimize your hardware. SSD is a good option, but not easy to setup Installing Home Assistant on a RPi 4b with SSD boot

With your installation method you could easily Backup and Restore (also in a new Installation during onboarding) from the UI Common Tasks - Supervised - Home Assistant

I have bought an usb flash drive which I saw recommended. Would you suggest

  1. current install and move data partition to usb flash
  2. do new install in which I create data partition on usb flash and then restore back (to usb)

Maybe good to know that my linux / ssh or whatever command line skills are not there :slight_smile:

My Pi 4 boots from SD and runs from an old fashioned 2.5 HDD.