Home Assistant, Squeezebox, Max2play, LMS & TTS

Hi, I’ve been trying to get my stereo to make announcements and it’s so frustrating because I’m so close… but as always I must be missing something. I’ve set up an automation to send a message from Home Assistant over to my stereo, the message arrives and I can see it playing in LMS, problem is I can’t hear it. The volume is set to max,

The text from my message appears on LMS & it looks like everything should be working. The first problem is that I can’t hear the message and the second is that once it starts it plays continuously even if continue button is not pressed.

Does anyone have this working?

    # Text to speech
      - platform: google

      - platform: squeezebox

    - alias: "TTS Test"
        - platform: state
          entity_id: switch.test
          to: 'on'
        - service: tts.google_say
          entity_id: media_player.max2play3
             message: 'Hi today is a wonderful day, are you there? Can you hear me?  Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3.'

Does anyone have SqueezeBox working with TTS?

Ok Got it working @cyn If you are using max2play update the squeezelites to the newest under the Audioplayer Tab // Edit Advanced Options // Tick Update SqueezeLite (no option to update the multi squeeze though :frowning: ) I also run a squeezelite on a couple of Macs so same thing update those as well.
You need to change your base URL to a HTTP not a HTTPS with the SSL it will not work! I have no idea why not but I ran round and round with this and now I have them working!! You will need an External address as your base URL for sure though, To test you could just set up a Port forward rule to your HA and plug in your external IP as your Base URL and test.
I saw that you posted the other day so I decided to give this a try and figure it out and Viola! I got it working.
If you plan on using for announcements look at this thread The Script will stop the play back and restart it, except on Pandora it might just restart the station. But still awesome If you have a station but not playing it will play the Audio then put the station back for the next time AWESOME! Thanks @smazman

I have been having a problem with this too and as mentioned, the way to get LMS/Squeezebox Touch/piCorePlayer or whatever client your using working is to change the base_url: to a non https:// prefixed domain. It immediately started working but the trouble now is HTML5 and Telegram notifications that rely on the base_url being set to https,are now broken?

At the moment I can’t think of a way to get around this?

I also noticed and will aim to report, that when selecting the TTS google_say from the Dev Tools->Services in HA the example JSON service data that fills the box is incorrect. Message has a capital ‘M’ and Language : en is not supported data !!

Thanks for your responses, I haven’t been on the forum lately and just noticed your thoughts,

I spoke with the great guys at Max2Play and they set me up with the latest version of squeezelite. After further testing I found the soundcard selected is causing my problem. The music sounds absolutely fantastic when using FRONT but no TTS. When I change to DEFAULT or PLUGW I get TTS working but the music is sightly muffled.

I even changed it without my husband’s knowledge and sure enough he reported his music wasn’t right, so for now I’m not sure where to go with this one.

Thinking about getting external speaker connected to the pi & take the stereo out of the loop.

Thanks again