Home Assistant Supervised Ansible playbook

Hi, I’ve created a Ansible playbook as a step to step conversion of the Home Assistant Supervised shell script.
I’ve tested only on a Debian 10 VmWare Player virtual machine but i will use it on a Raspberry4 asap.

Anyone who is interested can download the playbook from:


Note: updated the link

FYI, it’s no longer called Hassio. It was changed to Home Assistant OS many months ago. In fact, it was never called Hassio Supervised. That variation is known as Home Assistant Supervised.

A summary of the four official installation methods can be found here:

The names are defined in ADRs 0013 to 0016 here:

By using the deprecated term in your post, it only serves to confuse new users because the term is not present in the official documentation. Please consider updating it with the correct names.

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In fact, as a new user, I’m still confused too :sweat_smile:
I’ve edited the post following your suggestions.

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Welcome to the community forum and thank you for your contribution!

It’s understandable that, as a new user, it can be confusing. Home Assistant is evolving rapidly and many things change over time. As a result, the internet is filled with tutorials and examples that use outdated terminology and techniques. Although we can’t keep all of that third-party material current, we can strive to maintain the official documentation, and this community forum, up to date.

Thank you for updating your contribution to the community.

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