Home assistant supervised on Debian 11: What exactly is meant by "managed os" not supported

Hi all,
Just installed HA supervised on Debian 11, from the write up, with HA supervised I responsible for maintaining the OS, I take it that if the OS (in this case Debian 11) changes, it may break HA. As Debian 11 was only recently released and is a LTS release; would it be safe to say that I would not need to worry about maintaining the OS (debian) for at least few years and have a stable HA environment?

No, you absolutely do have to maintain the OS. Failure to do so will result in problems, as happened recently to a great many people who also failed to read the requirements and found their system dead.

You have to:

  1. Maintain the OS in compliance with the requirements
  2. Keep the system up to date
  3. Ensure that you keep up to date with any changes to the requirements

Supervised is almost always the wrong choice. People often use it so they can deliberately ignore the requirements (eg to run other software), or they decide they can skip on keeping the system in compliance. Then at some point it all goes horribly wrong and things break.

If your system supports Home Assistant OS use that instead. If it doesn’t I’d strongly encourage you to re-think your choice and use Container instead. If the lack of add-ons is a problem for you running Container then, bluntly, you don’t have the skills and experience required for running Supervised.


Thanks @thinkerer, just found the thread Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 11 with over 900 posts!!! So obviously, not just a plug n play n forget!