Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 11 WON'T RUN

And I just noticed that supervised is not listed for rpi under the official docs. So beware, and I endorse what @francisp said, @kanga_who 's guides are good.

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This screenshot shows raspberrypi4-64, but your other screenshot shows you installed 32 OS. 64bit docker image will give a ‘exec format error’, because 64bit docker images don’t work on a 32 bit OS


That was not the issue. I still faced the same issue, when I went to the regular Raspberry Pi4.

Confirmed. I have same issue since 2022.5 upgrade. Found that the supervisor pull image “ghcr.io/home-assistant/raspberrypi3-64-homeassistant” that cannot start in our environment. I can manually pull and run docker as following but loss ability to use supervision add on and restore from backup. No time to investigate how to fix it.

docker run -d --name homeassistant --privileged --restart=unless-stopped -e TZ=Asia/Bangkok -v /usr/share/hassio/homeassistant:/config --network=host ghcr.io/home-assistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant:stable


I was facing the same issue. The problem is you choosed the wrong system on installing the homeassistant-supervised.deb. I fixed this with the following steps:

  • First remove homeassistant-supervised with sudo apt-get remove homeassistant-supervised
  • Run docker ps which will list all running docker containers
  • Remove stop all containers with docker stop CONTAINER_ID
  • Run docker system prune -a this will remove all docker images and so on
  • For safety restart your system with sudo reboot
  • After the restart install homeassistant-supervised again with sudo dpkg -i homeassistant-supervised.deb
  • Now choose the right architecture for me it was raspberrypi4 instead of raspberrypi4-64 following this guide: Installing Home Assistant Supervised on a Raspberry Pi with Debian 11

This fixed it for me. Hope this helps.

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