Home Assistant (supervised or OS)

For this moment i have HA on Synology but i changed this bad thing for Truenas, too bad HA on Truenas is core, no supervisor.
Now i have a T620 hp Thin client so i install generic img to a usb stick like Generic x86-64 - Home Assistant
Too bad after booting up from the stick the home assistant was installed on the stick NOT on the (m2) harddrive of the T620
How can i install HA (supervised or os) on this Thin Client?

Flash the HA OS image to the boot drive, pretty simple.

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Nope! how can you flash the image to the boot drive that is Insite a machine that is not your desktop.

I have a Mac, there i use Balena Etcher, when i start Etcher i put in the link to the imagefile on Github, but when selecting target i can not see the harddrive insite the hp T620.
When i bought the t620 i thought it shoult have a normal ssd and then i can put it on a cable usb<>sata and hang on the Mac but the drive is an M2 type.

Hi Bonestaak,
I’m just trying something similar with a thin client from Fujitsu, Futro S700. Unfortunately on my end I don’t come so far to install HAOS on the stick, nor on the included SSD (it’s only 2GB of sizre :frowning: ). But to the point:

Find an M2 to USB Adapter at the bookstore, sorry, it’s Amazon Germany but I believe you find it on any other site as well. that should do the job.

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I got Ubuntu to the moment with try, now i got a desktop, … files and yes i can open the stick with haos but… which file to start? and how? there are a lot of files on the haos stick and a lot of folders

This file https://github.com/home-assistant/operating-system/releases/download/7.1/haos_generic-x86-64-7.1.img.xz

Edit: From the link you provided, has detailed instructions

If you prefer to use a live operating system, follow the instructions of your Live distribution (e.g., this Ubuntu guide). Once you booted the live operating system, the following steps on how to write the image to your boot media can be followed.

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Follow the instructions on the page you linked to, it gives you instructions on how to do this. You need to do some reading with almost everything HA related, this included.

Sounds like you didn’t research the machine you were purchasing very well.

I use a T520 for testing purposes, with the same sort of SSD. Get yourself a USB adapter, it will make future flashing much easier.

For now, do as already suggested to you and run a live image of Ubuntu from a USB thumb drive on the T620, once booted download and run BalenaEtcher (for Linux x64) and flash the HA image to the internal SSD - as per the page you linked in your OP.

The whole process should only take 15-20mins.

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I have first made a stick with Ubuntu… then on Ubuntu i got the possibility to try Ubuntu … then put stick in with the HASSOS file (just the file haos_generic-x86-64-7.1.img.xz not burned!!! just about 300 mb)
i go to files in Ubuntu and open this file i got on another stick. Then restart.