Home assistant under debian bullseye problem

Hello all, after migration from RPi to NUC I have a problem with not healthy system, have someone any idea?!

See here:


Two weeks ago Debian 11 (Bullseye) was released. The upcoming version of the Supervisor will recognize that version as a supported Operating System. This means that if you are running Home Assistant Supervised, you can start upgrading that.

Support for the previous version (Debian 10 (Buster))is now deprecated and will be removed in the first version of the Supervisor after the 4 months grace period. This means that within the next 4 months you need to update to Debian 11.

Environment variables

There are a few environment variables that you have to add in order to make the Supervisor work properly with newer versions of the Supervisor. These variables have to be added to the run command for the Supervisor container, on most installations this is a script called from a service file.

SUPERVISOR_SHARE - The path to the directory for the Supervisor data files, typically /usr/share/hassio.
SUPERVISOR_NAME - The name of the supervisor container, typically hassio_supervisor
SUPERVISOR_MACHINE - The machine you are using. For a list of machine types, have a look here 12

and the discussion: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/supervisor-update/332629