Home Assistant vs Everything else

If people hate whitespace management, it must be a real shitter for you that home assistant is written in python!

Frankly yaml is easier to read than xml or json, which seem to be the alternatives.


I started using Hassio on RPI3 almost a year ago. Messed with it a lot the 1st couple of months last winter and it’s definitely addicting. Has also been quite the learning curve. I am definitely not a programmer and the languages are all foreign to me. I have dabbled a little here and there but most of my background with is with PLC;s.

I plan on making this more of a winter project and looking for some ideas and suggestions. We moved last year and the house we bought has an older intercom system in it with units in all the bedrooms, kitchen and dining area with speakers throughout the house that all still work. The intercom has AM/FM/Cassett. Would like to come up with something that could either add bluetooth to the main unit or seperate it all and have bluetooth available to each individual bedroom.

The house was also hard wired with a DCS Alarm panel with All lower level window/door sensors, smoke detector, keypad upstairs and down. I have been working on converting it to Konnected.IO. I have the Konnected IO boards connected to Smartthings and finally got Smarthings Bridge and Mosquitto Broker talking to HA this week.

I am looking for ideas esp for the Intercom / speakers

and far more configurable than anything else out there.

Very questionable statement.
E.g.: Can you define per datapoint who can write or/and read it?

Which projects were compared?

Everything is relative :slight_smile: