Home Assistant Wifi (RPi 3/4)

Hey All,

Unsure which subsection of the forums to actually post this in. But basically, how do i get my home assistant installation on a raspberry pi 3 or 4 to connect to my wifi network (rather than using ethernet)?

About a month ago, when i was playing around with HA, there was a really good explanation on how to make the wifi config file and chuck it in the SD card (or use a external USB with the name “CONFIG”), but all those instructions are now missing from the installation guide (when i actually seriously installed HA couple of weeks ago).

Now, when i tried to recreate the config file from memory (and from other forum posts), i cant seem to be able to get it to work at all. What am i doing wrong, what are the actual instructions? Has anything changed?

TL;DR: i want my RPi HA install (latest version) to connect to my wifi, need upto date instructions.

Power down Home-Asst, remove SD card, insert into SD reader connected to linux ( or windows I guess)

1. On the “ hassos-boot ” partition, start by creating a folder called “CONFIG“.

2. Within the “CONFIG” folder, we need to create another folder called “network“.

3. Finally, in the “network folder, we need to create a file called “my-network“.

You will need to first replace “” with a new UUID. You can generate a new generic UUID using an online UUID generator.

Contents of my-network








Uncomment below if your SSID is not broadcasted











NOTE: ymmv, as I have not got my new installation going yet