HomeAssistant OS or Raspberry OS

Hi all there,

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 and I want to use it as a central control system. In addition, some sensors (SML receivers) and communication units (such as EBUS) are to be connected via USB.

There are working programs for the individual USB components (mostly on GitHub).

Now I first tried to install the HASS OS and quickly found out that I couldn’t use Python or a virtual environment (venv) to get the program for the sensors running.

After that I installed the current Raspberry OS and tried to get Home Assistant on it (there were a few errors - the worst was RUST).
However, I was only able to install the Home Assistant Core. So the add-ons are missing.

Can someone please give me a tip or guide how to get Home Assistant and Python to work together.

Thank you

I’d say go back to Home Assistant OS and check out the AppDaemon addon. Or the pyscript custom integration if you like that better. Both will let you run your own python code and pass information back to HA.

Or if those don’t work for you, consider making an addon. Addons are essentially just docker containers, can run your python code in one.