HomeKit camera entity - live streaming

Running the latest versions of HA, iOS, iPadOS and TVOS.

I have been able to advertise several of my Dahua cameras through the HomeKit integration. When I open the Home app on iOS, I can see the cameras and a snapshot that updates every (10s on WiFi, 60s on cellular).

When I tap on any of the camera icons, I see different results depending on the device. On my iPad, the blue dot beside the camera name turns red and I see a live image feed. This happens whether I’m local on WiFi or on cellular!

However, when I try the same thing on my iPhone (X), I eventually see a message saying “No Response. This camera is not responding.”

Here is my HomeKit.yaml config:

auto_start: False
    - camera.driveway
    max_fps: 10
    max_width: 640
    max_height: 480
    stream_source: -rtsp_transport tcp -re -i rtsp://USER:PASS@IPADD:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1
    video_codec: copy

Does anyone have any idea what the difference is?

I know this is old but did you ever find a solution? Dealing with the same issue.

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Same here…

I ended up solving this be creating a second homekit integration in configuration.yaml for just the camera. It now seems to work on my iPhone and Apple TV. My configuration has the same content as shown in the post with specific settings for my camera. It also seems that homekit does not like 1080P content so I had to use the 576x1024 camera stream.

Thank you for answering.
I have tried that as well. It seems my dlink camera is just too old for this :stuck_out_tongue:

In my situation, I only can see the snapshot. Once I open it, it will keep loading and go into not responding. How did you solve it?

Same here.

My camera is a esp32-cam (esphome) and I configured homekit thru the GUI (so not a lot of configuration available).

Documentation is confusing around mjpeg / h.264 for streaming

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