Homekit Controller for Locks

This request is to add support the Weiser/Kwikset HomeKit enabled door lock (deadbolt) and possibly other BLE HomeKit locks.


It uses Bluetooth Smart (BLE) for communications. I was trying to research how to connect directly to BLE devices but I could not find any good materials. I did notice that there was a Xiaomi Plant Sensor component which communicates using BLE so it must be possible?

It seems like locks might be a good addition to the HomeKit Controller which currently only supports switches and lights right now.

The HomeKit library we’re using right now only supports IP devices, not Bluetooth ones - support would need to be added there first. Doing this well is also going to require adding support for automatic discovery of BLE devices.

Does anyone know how the Kwikset/Weiser app communicates with the device? I have a login and password for the app which works separately from HomeKit. Maybe that would be the way in?

I’m really really new to this so if that was a dumb idea, please excuse me.

I’m not too familiar with how it works either. I think it connects via Smart Bluetooth. You have an internal login and password that the app uses to talk with the devices? Interesting…not sure when or how that could be used.

I’m not at home, nowhere near the device, but I can check it remotely through the app with the proper login and password.

So perhaps communicating with the device should be done through the app login? Again, I’m new to this.

I am interested in this and other BLE devices as well. I will replace my smart locks eventually, but they’re not cheap, and it’s tough to justify dropping the cash just to achieve HA integration.

Something I think I’m going to try in the meantime is to create a dummy switch in HomeAssistant and pass it to HomeKit, and then setup automation in HomeKit to lock/unlock the door when this switch is turned on/off and see if HomeKit will allow that - I know it’s particular about entry devices.

If someone else has already tried this or discovered some other solution, let me know. Otherwise, I can try to update this thread once i know if my idea works.

Ultimately, I want to setup facial recognition at the front door and have the door unlock when I approach, and potentially announce guests when they arrive (depending on how many faces it will let me teach).

Looks like someone may have done this in reverse.

I haven’t revisited this so I’m not going to be any help.

I did add ZWave Kwikset Converts to our other doors, so from the exterior our two entry doors appear not to be smart from the outside. The only door with a keypad is the Kwikset Premis in the garage; which is behind the garage door. I haven’t looked lately to see if the Premis is in Home Assistant, but the Converts pushed through to Homekit which is where the bulk of our automation occurs.

Is there hope that this could work now with the recent Bluetooth support?