Homekit Infused (HKI) v2.0.0b10 - Updated 03/05/2020

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Sounds pretty awesome, and looks awesome too! I’ll have to dive in and start fresh. So now going from Version 1.1 to Version 2 won’t be difficult, it’s just copying over files so it would be pointless to wait for Version 2?

If you don’t touch the views updating (or do the tips in previous post) it would be as simple as overwriting the files indeed.

Hi Jim,

Any update when you think you post the first video?
Looking froward :pray: :pray:

Thank you

I actually had it planned for this week, but I will release it together with version 2.0. Which will be the last major change I have planned for now and should incorporate most (if not all) of the current feature requests and much much more like:

  • new orange color scheme
  • fixed all popups (swipe has been replaced with a nice button, no more bugs)
  • a customizable frontend which can be changed within the UI (no yaml knowledge needed) and is called Edit Mode
  • fan popups
  • cover popups and new cover view
  • auto filling of scenes has been added
  • auto filling of automations had been added
  • some css fixes
  • all frontpage layouts have now been merged and selectable within the frontend.
  • possibly room based views (which will be selectable as well through the edit mode)
  • addition of widgets on the frontpage which can be turned on or off through edit mode.
  • and much much more…

I really hope to release it somewhere this week, however, I want it to be good… so I prefer postponing than to rush!


You always say it’s the last release! :wink:

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That is true, but I didn’t say it was the last. I said it was the last major release for the time being. :rofl::rofl: (as the next version will be 2.0). Imagine if devs would stop updating there addons/plugins after a few releases haha.

The big difference between this years releases and last years is that you can finally update it easily. So if you follow my documentation and tips, updating should take minutes instead of hours (which you were used to in the past).

And as you know HA keeps changing, so it can never be the “last” release unless I would quit HA (or this project) in its entirety. Nothing I can do about that haha. But as long as older version work, you don’t have to update if you don’t want to. I only think of new features all the time and making it better. Completely up to you if you think those changes are something you’d want or need.

Edit: actually 1.x was meant to be the last major release. But I got a lot of feature requests which made me decide to go and work on a 2.0 version. Specifically: room based views. This is the most requested feature of the last 2 weeks. I personally don’t use room based views, so I will have to make it a choice. And instead of going to say: “oh well just copy file x and y” I want you to be able to select it through the UI.

@pergola.fabio I know you are on our slack group, you can see video previews there. Trust me you’ll love it!

Yeah, long time ago I opened slack :wink:
Gonna need some time to upgrade to this version, still on old release with declutter… If I start upgrading I probably join :wink:

But I am waiting for the “last” release :wink:

You’ll know when my latest major release comes as I will video document it, from install to configuring to updating. I might release those videos along with 2.0 so you won’t miss a thing.

This might be a really stupid question, but I’m editing the global config to put my own pictures in and stuff, but what files do I need to save to get Lovelace to update? I’m force saving ui-lovelace like always, along with frontpage_view and global_settings, but for whatever reason my Lovelace config isn’t updating when I save. Am I missing a save step here?

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Ah yes, I probably should have mentioned it in the docs. The global config is built with lovelace_gen. Lovelace_gen is really cool as it can do cool stuff, but has one major limitation! When using global_config you must reboot HA after changes. I will make global config more and more available through the UI so that changes will be instant. For now you can simply restart HA.

This looks absolutely awesome, great work. You might have heard this before, but nonetheless Apple should hire you and pay you handsomely for what HomeKit should look and act like :slightly_smiling_face:

Not read the whole thread yet, so don’t know if this is still an issue or not, but is it still recommended not to update to tvOS 13, or is that safe nowadays?

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I restart the setup from scratch as suggested by Jim.
I added the name of the person in the glbal settings but now I have this message:

2020-02-16 09:33:09 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Package configuration setup failed. Integration lovelace_gen has duplicate key person_1 (See /config/packages/homekit_infused/configuration.yaml:0)

I checked the /config/packages/homekit_infused/configuration.yaml file but do not know exactely what I should change. I guess I mis understood something once again :slight_smile:

Well thank you. Depends on your wishes, I found a custom component that can make the Apple TV work but it has some downsides. After an Apple TV restart the port changes so you’d need to change that every time this happens (luckily it doesn’t happen very often).

Also following up on the official component, this is in beta now and I expect it to be merged with core within the coming weeks/months. So, your decision if you want to update to tvOS13. I personally had the beta and the ATV4K has no downgrade options.

Question: do you have lovelace_gen in your configuration.yaml? If yes, then remove it. Lovelace_gen is packaged so you don’t need it inside your own configuration.yaml

Thanks Jim. Also have a ATV4K and already checked if there was a way to downgrade and like you state, unfortunately not. If only I found your work earlier, well guess that’s how things go.

So I’ll wait for the official component to get merged and start looking into what you have done and what I can use from that.

Another question for you, if I want to remove certain aspects of HKI, whether that be the unread email sensors on the front page, or certain pages entirely, is there a “best practices” way to do that so I don’t interfere with HKI and it doesn’t prevent me from updating easily in the future?

@MagicMountainMan I will probably remove the email sensor from the picture elements as many people don’t want it. I might make it conditional or customizable but I will have to see.

You can remove it from the following file:

Jim i got a question or (2 questions actually :grin:). I have created the energy view based on previous versions of HKI (I didn’t use old HKI code, just wrote it by myself). The question is how can I get your customize mini-graph pop up when tapping on one of those mini graphs. When I tap it I have regular more-info pop up like this.

. Do I need to nest mini-graph in some button to get it? In theory mini-graph has a “tap action” function and I tried to use it with your mini-graph-pop up-variant témplate but I can’t get it to work. My energy view:

That was the issue. Thank you Jim. Have a nice end of week end.

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I’m interested in your ‘Greeting’ message module, could you kindly tell me what files are required to implement it in my theme? thanks