Honeywell Evohome HGI80 USB

I now use Domoticz but want to switch to Home Assistant. However, I run into some problems. One of them is the support of my Honeywell Evohome HGI80 USB module ( This module captures all RF communication from all Honeywell Evohome devices. In Domoticz I can now see how far a thermostat is open and whether there is heat demand. I would also like this feature in Home Asissstant without the intervention of other software.

Same problem here. I can help developing it having some knowledge of the EvoHome protocol and C and Python. I am however to novice to set it up on it myself at the moment.

How many people are using Evohome with a HGI80 or RFBee?

I’ve just purchased an Evo Home system (arrives tomorrow) and I was thinking to see if I could talk to it by wire instead of Wi-Fi. But failing that, this module seems like a nice option. I don’t have a lot of time but if I get it I could contribute some code.

Let’s look at what is needed:

  • Code to interact with the serial port (async I presume)
  • Code to decode and encode binary messages
  • Logic to submit the decoded data into HA and to receive events to communicate back
  • GUI elements to view and interact with the system

The things we could eventually do with interface:

  • View temperatures, heat demand (per zone, valve and resulting overall value)
  • Control zone temperatures (temporary changes only?)
  • Link an outside temp source to the Evohome

I can look into the serial communication and perhaps some decoding/encoding.

I’m also very interested in support for the HGI80 and are available for testing purposes.

I now use node-red to read out data and forward this to mqtt.
I process the mqtt topics in Home Assistant.
I made a flow myself. This is not perfect but works for me.

HGI80USB_EvoHome_node-red_flow.txt.yaml (13.6 KB)

** import content as node-red flow

Support for this would be nice as it saves us Evohome users from using the web-based solution which is EU only and a lot slower when processing information.

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Would like to switch from domoticz as well, but this feature is kind of a dealbreaker.
Any progress made on it yet?

See here: Honeywell evohome via RF (HGI80/HGS80)