How can I backup Hassio to GitHub

I think I have a backup now


While I do utilize git every so often, I use syncthing to keep my config synced with my laptop, desktop, Nas and HA NUC. It has versioning as well and I never have to worry about forgetting to run my commits.

Nice! As you noticed I am not experienced with github :wink: yaml files are now in a private repo. Some passwords (for API’s) are also in there. Not sure where to go from here :wink: push frequently to github I believe now ,)

Commit often. You can get complacent so be careful.

I have made a mistake, instead of creating a file, I’ve created a second branch (next to master). How can I remove this “” branch from hassio?


You should take some time to read a little about git.

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Thanks @flamingm0e

I have setup github with ssh key to backup my config folder via file placed inside the config folder. I wish to automate it via a cronjob. What is the full path to the config folder? I am running docker Hassio on a rpi.

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