How can I get electricity price from my subscription with refreshing if it changes?


I have a Lixee ZLinky_TIC that returns via zigbee my electric consumption to HA, that works great. But now I’m looking to get the price of that, I would like HA to display what it costs, with the subscription + the consumption. I have “Tarif Bleu” from EDF (France). Is there some API or some place that I can connect to to retrieve the current price informations ? (again, not my personal consumption as I already have that). Is there services like this and if yes how to connect it to HA ?

Thanks in advance for any answer, have a great day

Take a look at this:

Thanks a lot for your answer.

This is apparently for “Tempo” subscriptions that is more or less expensive depending on the time or day. Mine is the “Blue” subscription (Tempo subscription has blue / white / red days but it’s unrelated) which is much simpler. It is always the same price, but sometimes changes every 6 months. I could always change that manually but automatically would be better. Do you know if it is still possible to get that ? I’m searching on EDF website if I can get a json for tarif bleu but I can’t find it.


Did you find the solution?