How can I have local AND imported scenes? (LIFX)

If I have a blank scenes.yaml then I have no access to LIFX scenes. If I add:

  • platform: lifx_cloud

Then I do. However if I add a local scene via the visual editor, restart checks will complain and the LIFX scenes disappear. If I delete those 2 LIFX specific lines it works (just no LIFX Scenes). So what am I missing here? How do you get both to coexist? Is there something more to it than that?

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Please post the error message.

Most likely you just need to adjust your configuration.yaml scene !include(s)


scene ui: !include scenes.yaml # UI generated

scene lifx: !include lifx_scenes.yaml

Put your lifx cloud config in the second file lifx_scenes.yaml (after you create it).

Also please format your forum posts correctly. See:

Is there a way to remove LIFX scenes once I remove the integration in my config file?

They’re still hangin’ around even though I remove the scene lifx line and the file containing the API key.

Answer: Yes, but reloading the config won’t do it. You need to restart Home Assistant.