How can i turnoff the new feature "Assist"


it is nice to see that new features are brought to the people but how can i deactivate the new feature “assist” or hide the icon in the ui?

i don’t want to use it and i don’t want to see the icon if i cannot deactivate it.

Regards Christian

Remove this line from your configuration.yaml file (then restart Home Assistant):


If you don’t have that line in the file but you have this one:


then it’s more complicated to remove the Assist feature.

Default Config (currently) represents about 40 integrations (and one of them is the Conversation integration). Instead of specifying all 40 of them in configuration.yaml you only need to specify default_config: and it will automatically include all 40 of them.

However, if you don’t want one of the 40 integrations (like conversation) you have to remove default_config: and replace it with the remaining 39 integrations that are normally part of Default Config.

If you do that then you will be assuming a new maintenance responsibility. The number of integrations represented by Default Config can increase as new versions of Home Assistant are introduced. That means if Default Config contains 41 integrations in the next version, you will have to manually add the extra integration key to your configuration.yaml file.

Thanks for the answer. So there is no easy way. uff…
A Settings Page called (Standard Integrations) where you can toggle on and off the integrations you want would be nice. Do i have to make a new feature request or can this thread be turned into one by moving it to the features request section?

There’s an existing Feature Request to add the ability to selectively exclude an integration from default_config. In other words, it would allow you to continue to use default_config but to tell it to exclude conversation.

At least one developer tried to fulfill the Feature Request and submitted a Pull Request (in Home Assistant’s GitHub repository) to add the feature. However it was rejected on the grounds that the development team wants default_config to be a simple choice without exceptions.

In other words, a Feature Request already exists and it’s unlikely to ever be implemented.

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Thanks for the answer. Then i hope that the development team doesn’t decide that the HA UI has to be pink and it will be a standard integration and it will be rolled out to everyone. :rofl:

You’re welcome!

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Because the feature request isn’t going to be implemented and it’s archived so I can’t post there, you can install GitHub - tronikos/default_config_disabler: Disables components from Home Assistant's default_config that allows you to exclude any integrations you don’t want to be part in the default_config

For anyone that comes looking, this approach doesn’t always work because some other components (like ESPHome in my case) will load conversation. If your concern is privacy, maybe try @tronikos’ custom integration, but if all you care about is getting some screen real estate back, you can hide the search, conversation and overflow icons with the outstanding wallpanel integration. I did this without turning on the screensaver by putting this in my dashboards:

  enabled: true
  hide_toolbar_action_icons: true
  idle_time: 0