How can I use my Insteon hub 2245 with Home Assistant?

How can I use my Insteon hub 2245 with Home Assistant?


Not sure where you are in your HA journey, but Insteon will require adding Insteon - Home Assistant to your setup.

Not an insteon user myself, but that page mention explicit support for that hub.

Take a look at my post here to a former Insteon user. Hopefully it can get you started:

Hello. I had no prior experience with Home Assistant until two days ago. Now my 2245 is running with Home Assistant. It’s not very difficult. I followed these instructions. The one problem I ran into was that my hub has a 169.254 IP address instead of being assigned a address by my router. That is due to a DHCP setting that as far as I can tell can only be controlled by the Insteon app which no longer works. That means that the hub can not be connected to via my home network, so I had to connect my hub directly to my PC with a LAN cable. Now HA is running with all my devices recognized. I had to manually push the setting button on my leak detectors to get them recognized. The Home Assistant app is running on my Android phone, giving me remote access.

Good luck!


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