How did you install Voice Control/Audio in your home?

i planning to install Alexa or Google Home in my home. But i’m not really happy with those systems. Especially the integration with my Home-Hifi (AV-Receiver) doesn’t fit well. I explain my plans:

If i use Alexa i have an extra speaker (Echo) in my room just for it. i could use it with spotify, but i think it would be much better to use spotify with my Stereo (i use my squeezebox connected to the stereo for that. I need another system to play the HASS TTS notifications because Alexa can’t play them.

If i use Google Home i can use it to control by voice and i can send TTS to google Home, but its still a separate system and not my stereo.

If i connect them (Alexa or GH) to my stereo, i need to change the source every time Alexa or Google Home wants to answer. Or is there something like the Voice-Control intent (i know it from my car audio) available for the Bluetooth-to-stereo-adapter, that changes the source automatically? I could do the change via HASS but as i know for now, there is no chance to get the right moment…

How do you handle this problem? Do you have three audio-systems at home? Echo, TTS-player and a Stereorack for the other media?

If your stereo is always on with the squeezebox as its source you might be able to stream the TTS to it.
According to this thread it seems to be possible.

I actually have a few Sonos Play:1 as well as a classical AV-Receiver/stereo at my place.

@cgtobi: Yes. TTS ist possible. But i have to switch to alexa then.
btw: is it possible to multiple “dots” in the same room? Or is there always only one dot active when i say “Alexa,…” ? A mesh of dot mics would be cool…

I use VoxCommando (windows-based voice control) to control my Squeeze Server and Kodi. It’s language processing is pretty flexible. And it controls HASS very well via HASS’ API + its scrape plugin.

They’ll all respond, but only the one closest to you will answer/process the command.

I have one Alexa and three dots and usually the only one that doesn’t respond is the bedroom because the door is closed most of the time. But only one will actually process. That’s why despite having a dot in the kitchen I usually set my food timers in the living room since that’s where I’ll be while food is cooking. LOL