How do you connect 2 esp devices so 1 can send data to the other

working a a temperature project

id like 1 esp device with the temperature sensor on it and it records the data

and it transmits the data to the 2nd esp device with the screen on it…

so far i have them connected together and i can get the sensor to work i just dont know how to transmit over so the screen can get that info

2 options… via homeassistant (api) or via MQTT

ah well not able to do home assistant

so i guess mqtt then how do i configure it…
as i doing a in the car thermostat… but i didnt wanna run a wire through the firewall so i figured i could just transmit the data via the wifi connection

As far as I know there is no way to have 2 esps with esphome communicate directly.

MQTT also requires an MQTT server/broker in between.

Maybe you can use this:

So this is a stand alone type application. Esphome is meant to be integrated into automation software and not for stand alone applications. Circuit python or arduino ide maybe better suited for this task. adafruit’s blog and forum should have a project adaptable to your use case.

I should add engine compartments can be and are usually electronically noisy environments. Wireless transmission and even some wired sensor protocols, like i2c, maybe difficult to get working.

ah ok then ill stick with just the module inside the car and a temperature sensor in the engine bay…

i do not know but i having a touch sensor issue i have another topic i working it…

but thats fine i figured i could make like those battery operated thermostats where you can read inside and then the device outside… with a wireless part

but not a big deal i can just run a wire… but i having issues with touch

Hey please don’t open two threads with essentially the same question. Its against the roolz.