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How do you turn off the icon for weather_summary?



I am trying desperately to get my forecast the way I want it, and I think I can someone get it correct, but I want to have the weather_summary displayed in a tile, but I do not want the icon to show…just the text. Any ideas? This is what I tried.

    widget_type: weather_summary
    entity: sensor.dark_sky_summary_1
    icon: "none"


    widget_type: weather_summary
    entity: sensor.dark_sky_summary_1
    icon: ""

but the icon is still there.



Haven’t tried this myself but try:

Noting view: true or false


Thie above uses hidden instead of view. Haven’t looked into the changes over the versions. Bit of trial and error with the above.
Hopefully that helps.


Thanks for the suggestion. Couldn’t figure it out yet.

Here is a pic to see. The second widget on each row I would like to just have the text; no icon.


try just a normal sensor widget instead of the weather widget.

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You sir are a genius!

Thank you


thank you, i wouldnt say that, i just know my way around dashboard a little more :wink:


Cool! I’m also a newbie.
Can you share how you did this, please?



I mainly followed this post.

but I most have done something wrong because it always says Today, Tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday. So I am going to redo it. Plus my wife would like colored icons instead of just grey. I will share more when it actually works for me. :slight_smile: