How i turn off Qnap from ssh

Will it work for WOL after you power it off by command "/sbin/poweroff’?

Have you try to use another user account instead of admin to run this command? will it work? thanks.

WOL: Yes, WOL after a poweroff for QNAP NAS.

Poweroff: I just implemented this WOL and poweroff for 2 different QNAP devices, both needed the ‘/sbin/poweroff’ command. This was also confirmed to me by the QNAP service.
As a user I have had a new user created and made an administrator, and added the SSH key to this user as well.
But in my case it only works with the “admin” user and NOT with the newly created user.

edit: QNAP service just confirmed to me that poweroff command is limited to be executed by the admin account only.

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THANK YOU!!! I was going round and round in circles trying to get it work with an alt administrator account to no avail (I disabled the default admin account for security reasons) but have just tested with the default admin account and it works like a charm!