How long should a good micro sd card last?


I’m on my 3rd “quality” SD card (in less 8 months) and would love to have the option of moving the history log to my NAS / external disk / whatever works.
I have a pretty large installation with many PIRs (~40) and other sensors creating frequent updates. I can see the DB files getting updated several times every minutes so no surprise the the cards eventually gives up. Everything runs fine on the fresh card but over time the installation becomes unstable and usually dies during an upgrade.
Anyone with a solution for Raspberry with Hassio? (I’m pretty happy with hassio so would prefer to stick with that…)


First you can disable recording for entities you don’t need to retrieve history for, that will at least make the card live a little longer. Then if you have a NAS that support MySQL (Synology, Qnap) you can use that ad an external DB.


Thanks, have already moved many devices out of recorder. Have started looking at nas boxes, my old one just is not going to cut it.


I’ve just lost my 4th in 18 months :frowning:
How do I move my history to external flash drive on Hassio?


And I am using my current and cheap sd card for 3 years now. Running HA 24/7 with system reboot every with months.
I think sometimes you have luck with your sd cards or usb sticks and sometimes you don’t.


I have many rpi3 running for many years as Roon endpoints for outdoor audio, pi-hole … all my systems are powered by a UPS (7 total ) … low end amazon basics models that work pretty well