How many devices possible to pair?

Hey guys, home assistent with zigbee2mqtt looks very good. I’m using the Conbee 2 usb stick and my question is, how many devices are supported? Dresden-Elektronik said 200 devices. Is that true, even if I don’t use the phoscon/deconz integation in hassio? Thanks

There is no relevant limit, as Zigbee devices on mains usually act as routers, too. The numbers are only relevant for devices paired directly to the coordinator device.

Are you sure there’s no total device limit? Dresden Elektroniks said something about 200 devices total (mains and/or battery). I remember someone posting here with 400+ (mostly mains powered) devices having issues with a single ZigBee stick.

Do you actually have 200+ devices or is this just a theoretical question? Even if I’d replace every bulb with a smart bulb and every outlet with a smart plug and put 5 sensors in each room I wouldn’t even come close to 200 devices. If you are at this point there’s still the option to have two or more separate mesh networks with a coordinator for each network.

As of deCONZ v.2.12.4, support was increased to 512 devices. More here: Maximum Supported Devices: 500 now (vs 200 previously)? - General Support - deCONZ Community