How to add Supervisor dashboard / SSH

I’m new to HomeAssistant, and have installed the Vmware VM to get started. Next, I would like SSH access so I can install a serial-over-ip driver for a legacy device I own. But SSH isn’t enabled. All instructions I found said to add SSH from the Supervisor dashboard - but there is no such dashboard.

I found a table (Installation - Home Assistant) saying that Supervisor is included with HA OS. Am I running ‘HA Operating System’? The VM console window said something about a container, but why would the VMDK add a container to a dedicated to VM ?

How do I get SSH access? If the HA is in fact running in a container (in the VM), how do I pass through my devices (eg: /dev/ttySerial1) to the container?

You don’t get root SSH access like that for HAOS. You can install a SSH addon but it won’t allow root access.

Read this thread I it’s entirety because it basically describes your issue (including a virtual seriial port, which although you didn’t specify I assume you want to use socat.)