How to change MariaDB database location to another folder


Anyone knows how to move MariaDB database files to another location (ex: Media smb folder)? I just want to save time in making snapshots by avoiding the database backup. I know that MariaDB into Home Assistant is running through a container and I don’t know how to create a symbolic link from a container to outside…

Thank you!

That makes two of us. Also looking for a post or guidance on how to get database into a new folder in config.

I just limited the database in order to be smaller :frowning:
There is something on youtube, about this subject, but it is too complicated…

@PickOne @mr.sneezy
See the last replies from @francisp in the below thread:

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Done and done, thank you mate.

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In that post is about the usual database (sqlite), I was talking about moving mariaDB database :slight_smile:

But, here is a tutorial for finding mariaDB database files Home Assistant: MariaDB.. yes I’ll show you where the files are! - YouTube

All you have to do is linking a junction and you are done moving mariadb files

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