How to change "switcher" to "sprinkler"


I have a task that I don’t know how to complete. The thing is, I bought a smart watering faucet and added it to Home Asssiant, but it’s listed as a switch in HomeKit, and I want it to be listed as “sprinkler”.

How can I change “switch” to “sprinkler” in HomeKit?

P.S: The smart watering faucet is connected via Zigbee to Zigbee2mqtt


What options does your water faucet have, only on/off?

No, more. But they are not so important to me, for me the most important thing is to add this device to the homekit as “sprinkler”

Here is the link to my device:

But when you only need a on/off function…and you added it like you sayed to Home Assistan, then a switch is enough to control right?

Yes, but the problem is that I can not set the time of work through Homekit (I can only turn it on or off). And I want, for example, to set a timer for 12 hours through Homekit. That’s why I want to change

You can make a automation in Home Assistant for that.

Yes, but sometimes I will set a different timer and go to Home Assiasnt all the time just to change the timer - I don’t want to

I also have a Homepod and would like to turn it on and set a timer via Siri

I want to have something like this:

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Oké :wink: Can’t help you with this one. But maybe enough information for another brain on this forum to help you :slight_smile:

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Maybe this one can help?

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Can’t you change it in the switch itself? I mean the menu you go to, when you open the “more-info” of the switch, then the cogwheel, “Show as”.

But I’m not sure, if “sprinkler” is available there. :slight_smile: I can’t say, if this solves your problem, as I don’t own or use any Apple devices, sorry. :slight_smile:

I found the reason :grin:

The problem lies in the fact that for some reason there is no “sprinkler” option in the HA GUI. Without thinking twice, I added this code to configuration.yaml

homekit: #sprinkler
  - filter: # I'm using the filter only for my sprinkler
        - switch.sprinkler # your id of sprinkler
      switch.sprinkler: # your id of sprinkler
        type: sprinkler 

And the magic happened! In my Apple Home app, finally “switch started showing up as ‘sprinkler’”.

But there was another problem. For some reason, I can’t set a timer + I don’t see it.
Does anyone know how to add a timer?

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Thanks very much for sharing your solution, @Hotelk. Have you been able to find a solution that includes the timer?

I found this post discussing the same:

Quick note for others that might find this that there is a typo in the last line of the yaml—the “r” is missing in “sprinkler”. For ease of copying, I’ve added the corrected yaml below.

homekit: #splinker
  - filter: # I'm using filter only for my splinker
        - switch.sprinkler # your id of splinker
      switch.sprinkler: # your id of splinker
        type: sprinkler # Important !!!

Hi @Colinear , thanks for the correction

Unfortunately - no, I still haven’t found how to add a timer, I’m not the only one with this problem

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