How to change the brightness with my Sinope DM2500ZB switch and Conbee 2

I would like to know how to control the brightness of my lights in Hassio, ideally on a light card. I have a Sinope DM2500ZB switch, but the brightness slider is not displayed. I can only turn my lights on and off. I am using a Conbee 2 which is plugged into my computer and am currently using ZHA. Thanks for your help!

Is this what you are looking for ?dimmer

If so it is easy to add the following code to your ui-lovelace.yaml file

- type: light
  entity: light.corridor_2e_level_on_off

if you are using the the lovelace menu, the three dot in the upper right corner. Just chose light card and add you light entyties.
If it still don’t work you will need to check in configuration->integration-> ZHA for your dimmer to see if there is this for your devices information:
Quirk: zhaquirks.sinope.light.SinopeDM2500ZB
If it is not there then your dimmer is recognized as a light and there is no dimmer property

If you need more help on Sinopé devices connected to Home Assistant post on the following blog: