How to check sensor history value at specific time?

Is it possible to check history value of some sensor at a specific time in the past?
F.e: What was the humidity in the bedroom at 11 am?
I suppose that I must use the template in developer tools.

(I know that I can check it on the history graph but I am looking for another way)

I’ve never done it but you could probably query the db

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History statistics sensor
Check out the integrations
Plenty of example code

It can track how long the integration has been in a specific state, in a custom time period.

I need to find value at specific time in the past.

Yes, and @Mattias_Persson posted what you should do.

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I would like to have a sensor that contains the value of another sensor at some historic time. Like the value at 1 minute before midnight, so I know today what the value was at the end of yesterday. Is there a way?

Yes… follow the links posted above.