How to control Philips Hue Bulbs via Google Home?

Hi Guys

I have my Philips Hue registered in HA. I also have Google Assistant configured in HA as well.

What I want to do is - say to google home

“Good Night Google” - Switches of 2 of the 3 bulbs and leave one on.
“Good Morning Google” - Switches off all lights
“Party Google” - Change / keep changing colours on all bulbs

Basically voice commands to do various stuff.
How can I do this? Do I need to use IFTTT and some combination?

If someone has done any such integration - please let me know.


There’s a Google Assistant Component or HA Cloud you can use for this.

Thanks. Google Assistant is setup already in HA. But how do I combine the two to get the above result?

Easiest way is to create a scene and then sync to google again and you should then see the scenes in the app. You will also probably use shortcuts so you don’t have to say hey google activate party google.

Thanks David. Just need a bit more guidance on this :slight_smile:

you can have a look on my github here and see how I did this… I have a google yaml file and you can see my scenes etc.


You don’t have a off scenario? I read that scene doesn’t support that state

I was looking at Service “light.turn_off” and pointing to entity “light.hue_color_lamp_1” will turn if off

Is that something I can use in combination to turn on and off?

One example for my above scene / scenario will set me up for right path :pray:

I don’t need an off one… I just either directly address the light(s) or say Lights Off and it turns them all off. You can set the brightness to zero in a scene which is ‘off’ anyway.

If your app is seeing the light, you can just say ‘Hey Google, turn off blah…’ or if they are setup in rooms (like mine), ‘hey google, turn off the lights in the office’

Thanks… Haven’t touched my HA for a long time and few things are broken - don’t know fixes yet

  1. Google “Sync my Devices” not working - says unable to . Similar to Google Assistant stops syncing it seems or Google Assistant can no longer sync my devices

  2. Then if the bulbs show up in google home app, then I will have to setup “Good Bye” and “Good Morning” somehow and set particular bulbs to that.

  3. Or setup some scenes in HA and then sync that to google

Not sure where to start atm. So many things look wrong.

Really haven’t looked at HA for like 5 months or more… Have literally forgotten everything. :frowning: