How to find the current version(s)

I’m literally proposing to check it outside of HA interface if I don’t trust that it’s online or has pulled the latest information. Like a webpage. On the community site.

When I click the “Release Notes” it goes to a blog post here from weeks ago. It looks like a blog post. It wasn’t clear to me that this dated post would be edited to be the canonical notes going forward, and I do indeed have to scroll a ways down to a link to the notes for 2021.1.3 for HA Core. To find anything about HA OS, there’s another post down there about OS 5. And I don’t see anything about Supervisor versions anywhere. And what’s more, the Core version panel thing only shows up when there’s an update available, so I can’t check my current version OR the latest version available within the UI as far as I can find. And, my experience is that supervisor is not automatically updated because I’ve had to click update there.

Except thank you to @Silicon_Avatar for actually answering with what I’m asking, a canonical source posted on the web with the current version information of each of these components.

I innocently tried suggesting that this simple information could be posted in an obvious place. So I can just go read the numbers on a webpage saying "Current version of HA Core is xx.yy.zz and then go look in my interface and see if the number matches.

The latest supervisor (beta) shows all that information on the system tab. (Right now the released version doesn’t show core - only O/S and supervisor info. )

Show them what you got:

Now the configuration menu just needs some love. The most used part (server controls) is way too far down.


Believe me or don’t, it’s still a fact.

As for the rest of your post, you seem to be making things incredibly difficult for yourself and then getting angry about it for some reason. If there was a need for the things you were asking for, they would already exist. They don’t exist because nobody, including you, need them.

Stop making things difficult for yourself and just follow the incredibly easy process.


You can restart core, supervisor and host from that one panel as well though.

The latest supervisor (beta) shows all that information on the system tab. (Right now the released version doesn’t show core - only O/S and supervisor info. )

Cool, I look forward to that. Must have been something others have asked for to make things easier.

Not sure why I’m getting so much hate for asking some questions about finding current versions. So far my supervisor has not automatically updated itself and I had to click a button to update it. And going through all the blog posts as everyone has suggested, I still can’t find a place that references the current version of supervisor, only the blog posts about Core and OS. Maybe my HA instance is not online or I don’t trust that it has checked and I want to see what the newest is myself. Instead I’m being told I’m wrong for wanting this?

Well I haven’t had to click anything to update my Supervisor and yet look what we have here…


It IS automatically updated, to the point that people have complained about such in the past.


Yup. A lot.

Feature request: block supervisor auto-updates


Well I have personally seen a button that says “Update” in the supervisor panel you’re showing right next to “Version”, which I clicked and caused it to update. We can argue that it is currently supposed to automatically update, but I missed the memo because mine did not. And as far as I can tell this is only Supervisor, because Core shows up on the Supervisor tab and not on System, and because they are pretty different numbers at the moment.

The current situation is already 10 times better than what you have been suggesting, the newer system in the next version makes it even easier again.

I’m flattered, but I’m already taken I’m afraid so you’ll need to get your salt from some other guy :wink:

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That’s where you click to update core version. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I don’t trust that it’s online or has pulled the latest information.

There is nothing to distrust. The sensors in this system update package literally pull the information from the HA website API every 5 minutes. (I can’t take credit for the foundation for most of this as it was pulled from the forums so if you see your work here please jump in and say hi!)

This package might need some tweaking to work as a drop in for all configs. It is directly from my config so it may have some references that won’t work on everyone else’s. I’ll try to make it drop in ready when I have a minute or two.

As others have already noted, some of this will probably become redundant with the improvements in the upcoming versions of the Supervisor.

I’m actually here today because I got the notification there was an udpate notification on my phone this morning. Along with the notifications from the alert component, I use these sensors in the gist in a lovelace system update card. Once glance and I can always see if anything is out of date.


Mind sharing the code for that custom card? I’ve love to use it on my Lovelace!

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Sure thing. I’ve updated the gist and added the lovelace card along with the update message template.

Hello! I just stumbled across your post and would love to utilize this for my dashboard. @jazzyisj any chance you can reshare this? The link above is broken.

Sorry that is all long gone. That functionality has been replaced by update entities which makes updates WAY more convenient. That entire card and the templates behind it were replaced with this.

type: custom:auto-entities
    - domain: update
        secondary_info: last-changed
          style: |
            :host {
              --paper-item-icon-color: var(--entity-warning-color);
    - state: "off"
    - state: unknown
    - state: unavailable
  method: state
  ignore_case: true
  type: entities
  title: "Available Updates"

Which results in a card like this whenever an update is available.

Clicking an entity in that card opens a dialogue and you can install the update immediately from there.


Ah ok, thanks for the details! I was doing something similar using the entity filter, however this is a lot easier to maintain in the UI. Just to share, I have an automation checking to see if there are updates and if yes, it uses a conditional to display a row in my dashboard and when selected now displays your logic in a pop-up using browser mod. Thanks!



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