How to get access to sqlite on Hassio

On my Hassio with Node-Red, running on a Raspberry PI, I’m not able to install node-red-node-sqlite. I have a number of these devices and installing node-red-node-sqlite on those has always failed.

Is there another way to have access to a local sqlite db from Node-red on this hardware platform, or can the installation issue be solved ?

Also interested!
Have you found a way?

@boja2020 when you start installing the node-red node (i asssume you do it from the Pallete Manager) it shows you a show log button after a couple seconds.
Click there and check the installation log.

Check specifically for something like:
unsatisfiable constraints python (missing)

Fore each of missing packages the log shows you, you have to go to
Supervisor > Node-RED > Configuration, and add it to system_packages list. ATM mine is like this:

  - make
  - g++
  - gcc
  - python2

Hopw this can help you! cheers

No I gave up and decided to try MariaDB instead. I also had read that some uses had had a major speed increase running HA itself on MariaDB.

And up until now, I have had no problems at all, using MariaDB. It just works fine.

Installed also MariaDB! Works fine.