How to get rid of menu bar on 0.96?

Must have missed the action there. I did voice my opinion during the beta but no one seemed to listen or care… I don’t want to kick up too much fuss on the forums and I’d prefer other people say what they think. (otherwise if it’s just me I’ll just STFU) It’s only when the pitchforks come out that anything changes…

Grab a pitchfork and head over to the discord channel …

But seriously, the answer is no, there’s no native way of doing it. That’s the way they designed it for 0.96. The current workaround is to replace the stock menu with a custom widget that permits its menu to be hidden. I’d say that qualifies as being the ‘nuclear option’.





Come on down to

Pitchforks 'R Us.


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The eye candy is starting to make the eyes water. Nice to look at when your system crashes though :laughing:

Overall, I’d say there’s more positives than negatives in the new menu design. However, removing the simple ability to hide the menu is a very polarizing design decision.

Despite all the other goodness in 0.96, this one odd design choice has the ability to overshadow all else, much like BMW’s Bangle Butt.


polarizing AND unnecessary. Makes zero sense.


So it will be configurable via the profile in 0.96.3 and will either allow the current behaviour OR you can force mobile mode (pre 0.96 behaviour) You can see the demo here.


Perfect! Three menu modes, maximized, minimized, or hidden as shown below:




I’d be happy just to ‘force’ mobile mode on my tablet! So to do that I will need to make another user I suppose… but I’m more likely to just disable it altogether.

I see 0.96.3 is now out. How do I force it to offer the update in Hassio? Or do I just have to wait? Eager for the new ability to force sade bar off!

Edit: Just showed up as option on my HA. Installing now. Yay!

You can force it by reloading the supervisor.

It seems to be tied to device, at least for me. Have the same profile on my tablet and other devices, enabled this on the tablet and it’s not affecting the other devices

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I was just on my way to post that. It’s even better than I first thought… it’s NOT tied to the Profile but can be set PER BROWSER which means you can hide it on a tablet and show it on a desktop browser! This is awesome.

I also noticed if my tablet is in Portrait mode (where it is hidden anyway or on a mobile) that you don’t even see the setting to disable it.

So they did an awesome job of reverting this change for people that don’t love it. Kudos.


Freaking FANTASTIC! 0.96.3 sidebar is perfect! Now, is there any way to easily get rid of the very top line of the display (3 horizontal bars follow by “Home Automation Display”) and still keep the tabs line? I would love to get an extra line on my tablets.

have you looked at Custom-Compact-Header?

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Thanks for the pointer, David. Right now I have my Lovelace UI entirely done within Hassio, so do not even have a lovelace yaml file (just the lovelace file in .storage directory). I guess I should learn how to do the migration to yaml file rather than the imbedded lovelace editor?

You can use it in the RAW editor in the GUI… no need to switch to YAML.

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Nice! Learn something new every day here. Thanks.

EDIT: Installed HACS, installed CCH, and it works perfectly. Thanks! Bad news is that now I am spending my entire night looking at all the cool options in HACS.

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How do you make home assistant remember your setting for “Always hide the sidebar” in your profile?
Everytime I log out and then back in to HA it defaults back to off. I have to go into my profile and turn it back on to hide the sidebar again.