How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

Before we begin…

This forum is not a helpdesk

The people here don’t work for Home Assistant, that’s an open source project. We are volunteering our free time to help others. Not all topics may get an answer, never mind one that helps you solve your problem.

This also isn’t a general home automation forum, this is a forum for Home Assistant and things related to it. Any question about Home Assistant, and about using things with Home Assistant, is welcome here. We can’t help you with everything though.

:zero: Language

We can only support one language here, and that language is English. We appreciate that not everybody can read and write it, but there are a wide range of options out there. We chose this language since it’s known to the moderators and developers, and also one of the most widely known languages.

:one: Search

It’s not unlikely that your question has been asked, and answered, already. If you search the forum, you may find it and save yourself a lot of time.

Now, it may not be a perfect answer to your question, but it should get you close enough to start.

When you’re writing a new topic, on the right-hand side (where the Preview panel is), you’ll see topic suggestions. These are chosen based upon your title, tags, and the post content. Do check them before you post.

If you find a post that solves your problem, please like that post. It’ll help others identify that post as helpful, and let that poster know that they’ve helped people.

:two: How do I search?

Try to search only for what is the core of your question - the error message (without your specific data), component or add-on name, the operation you want to perform, etc.

Some examples of searches for common scenarios:

  • hassio “no such image”
  • mqtt light
  • camera stream

:three: I found a similar topic but it’s already solved and I still have a problem. Should I post in it?

As a rule of thumb - no.

What you could do, is to post your question in a new topic and put a link to the topic you found (see also 9 Show your workings below).

:four: Did you read (and search) the documentation?

The documentation is here, and the integration list is here (integrations used to be called components). There are a few highly recommended sections that everybody should read:

The documentation and the integrations also have search functions.

Be warned, Home Assistant changes quickly. If you’re looking at a post in the forum, or somebody’s blog post, or a YouTube video, and that article is months old, it could turn out to contain outdated information. If you run into problems it’s good to check against the current documentation.

Don’t forget, add-ons will have their own documentation too. In many cases it will be embedded in the add-on, or accessible through it, but if not check the add-on page or the relevant GitHub repository (for a non-core add-on).

Good questions

:five: Use a relevant category

The categories are fairly self explanatory, and Uncategorized is where things without a category fall. Please try to help them end up somewhere else :wink:

:six: Use relevant tags

Tags are added to a topic to help to improve the forum’s search engine, as well as give additional context to people reading your question.

Common tags include zwave, mqtt, templates, switch, etc.

:seven: Title

Having a good topic title is essential. It should summarise your post so that without even opening it people can have a good idea of what it’s about.

A good topic generally:

  • Includes unique part of the error you’re getting
  • Contains the integration name or action description
  • Describes the thing you’re having an issue with
  • Is emotionless

For example:

  • Good How do I use a timer in an automation to delay an action?
  • Bad Timer not working
  • Ugly Problem/Need help
  • Good Z-Wave - Not able to include device ZXX123
  • Bad ZXX123 not discovered
  • Ugly ZWave problem

If you’re having a problem writing a good topic title, leave it for last - once you’ve written the whole question, it might be easier to write a summary title for it.

Asking the question

Before posting anything make sure that you read and follow the community standards

:eight: Describe the goal, not the problem

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of the XY problem. If you describe your goal first, then others can understand what you’re trying to achieve.

:nine: Show your workings

If you turn up with a post that suggests you’ve put in no effort, you’re less likely to get quality help, and your post may even be ignored. Explain a bit of what you’ve done so far, such as:

  • Link to some other threads that you’ve found, and tried, and explain why they didn’t help you
  • Describe what you’ve tried, and what the problems were

Showing that you’ve put effort in will help demonstrate that you’re not simply looking for others to do all the work for you.

:one::zero: Tell us how you installed Home Assistant

Tell us if you’re running Home Assistant using an official HassOS image, a Docker install, a venv install, and so on. Things that are often really useful to know include:

  • What version number of Home Assistant are you running?
  • How you installed it. If you’re not using a HassOS based install, remember to tell us the operating system
  • Any relevant code - correctly formatted

For example:

  • Home Assistant 2022.11.0 using the HassOS image
  • Home Assistant 2021.12.2 in a venv following this guide on Windows 10
  • Home Assistant 2022.2.42 on Ubuntu 22.04 following this guide

Please remember that words like latest, current, newest and so on are not version numbers.

:one::one: Format it properly

When sharing the code, share it as text and not an image. When you do that, remember that spacing is critical in YAML, and if you just throw the code on the page then it’ll look ugly and nobody will know if the problem is because of spacing. We need you to use code blocks and appropriate markup.

For example, this is easy to read and it is obvious if the spacing is correct:

# Turn off lights when everybody leaves the house
  - alias: 'Rule 2 - Away Mode'
      platform: state
      entity_id: group.all_devices
      to: 'not_home'
      service: light.turn_off
      entity_id: group.all_lights

This however, not so much:

Turn off lights when everybody leaves the house

  • alias: ‘Rule 2 - Away Mode’
    platform: state
    entity_id: group.all_devices
    to: ‘not_home’
    service: light.turn_off
    entity_id: group.all_lights

Full details are in that link, but in brief you wrap your block in three backticks (```), like this:

# Turn off lights when everybody leaves the house
  - alias: 'Rule 2 - Away Mode'
      platform: state
      entity_id: group.all_devices
      to: 'not_home'
      service: light.turn_off
      entity_id: group.all_lights

:one::two: Describe what you changed

If it used to work, then tell us what changed since then. If you changed an automation, upgraded something (a custom integration, an add-on, Home Assistant itself, etc), we need to know. Don’t just tell us the last change, tell us all the changes.

Remember too - only change one thing at a time, then test. If you change multiple things and it now works, you don’t know what solved it. Worse, one of those things may have solved it, but one of them may have introduced a new problem.

:one::three: Share the logs

If something isn’t working, check the logs and see if things are being logged. The Home Assistant log is available in the UI, though information on custom components only appears in the log file on disk, or you can check them using the command line - ha core logs. Keep in mind that the UI will only show errors, and other entries may be helpful and relevant. Other sources will include:

  • Home Assistant log file homeassistant.log
  • Supervisor log
  • Add-on logs

For automations and scripts make sure to include the debug trace. Downloading and sharing the trace’s .json file is an efficient way to provide us with information about how your automation is designed an what is failing.

The more you tell us, the more likely it is that the problem can be identified.

:one::four: Screenshots

Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words, and including a screenshot (or a link to one hosted elsewhere) can help. Don’t do that for anything you can copy and past from your configuration, YAML, code, or logs. Please only include screenshots that are actually helpful.

:one::five: Read before posting

Yes, read your own post before you post it. Make sure that you’ve not lost the point part way through, that it still makes sense, and that the topic, tags, and category all still make sense.

The other things to ensure is that you’re using paragraphs, punctuation and white space. A wall of text is hard to read.

:one::six: Should I tag people?

Generally, no.

It comes across as bad manners, you’re demanding somebody answers you. It’s different if you’re thanking somebody, obviously.

If you do tag somebody keep it polite and respectful. Remember that everybody is a volunteer, and nobody has to help you.

Similarly, please don’t PM (private message) people asking for help. It also comes across as demanding, and means that others can’t learn from what you do.

I’ve posted…

:one::seven: Wait…

Yes, the community covers the world, but those who can help you may not be around. It can easily take many hours, maybe even a day or so to get a response.

:one::eight: But it’s been days

If nobody has responded after a couple of days, have a re-read and see if the title, category, tags, or even the post itself need some attention. Re-read this guide and see if you’ve missed something important.

If you think that all is as good as you can make it, then you can consider bumping it by posting a reply to make it more visible. Doing that too much, or too quickly, can make you look entitled, and that will drive people away.

:one::nine: I’ve solved it!

Great. Please respond to your post with details how you solved it, and use the option to mark it as the answer (see 21 below).

Please don’t delete your question, that will make it look like you only care about yourself.

:two::zero: People are replying, but I don’t have the answer

This is common. There’s always going to be things people don’t know (because you didn’t tell them, and maybe didn’t even know to tell them, or because it’s beyond the limits of their knowledge).

If something that people have said has moved you on, then let them know. This will encourage people to keep helping you. If it hasn’t, let people know that you’ve tried their suggestion, and what happened. Again, this encourages people to keep helping you.

:two::one: Somebody’s answer solved it!


Now, before you go… please take the time to mark that as the answer, you do that by selecting the three dots under the post:


Then select the check box:


Don’t forget too while you’re down there to click the heart to like the post, as a way of saying thank you.

:two::two: Be respectful

Please do read the code of conduct.

:two::three: Don’t use ChatGPT

Don’t use ChatGPT, or similar tools, to generate answers that you provide. These tools often produce results that look good but are incomplete, misleading, or just plain wrong. If we believe that you’re doing that then we may suspend your account.

:four::two: This can’t work, can it?

Try it :wink:

Remember, there’s never a guarantee you’ll get an answer - nobody is required to provide one. What you can do though is provide a post with relevant supporting information, that shows you’re trying. That will encourage people to help you.

Inspired by this awesome post over in the OpenHAB forums.

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ESP Home Binary Sensor IF
110 release internal/external url
Ha 110 no longer supports custom-ui?
MyQ down again
Visual time lamp
Time used in the client when away from Home
Automation UI, Sun and Time
MQTT binary sensor from JSON
Node Red service node doesn't seem to communicate with home assistant
OpenZWave stuck on "network starting" all nodes "unavailable"
The MAC address changes on every reboot on Raspbian Lite after installing Home Assistant
Climate HVAC mode Condition not working
Dlib Automationi
HA change light color if weather forecast changes
Help with platform: template
Have i bricked my first device ? Deltaco SH-P01
Automation MQTT light entity triggering immediately
Configure Timer to start/stop with Time input
Issue with Defaul Home View {Solved}
Aeotec multisensor temperature reporting threshold incorrect
Snapshot from ezviz camera when doorbell go’s
Question about mqtt docker smartthing bridge is not communicating
Esp8266 ans dzVents script (from domoticz) to homeassistant
How to control Multiple devices throw wake on lan
I m new hassio stucked in my first code and stucked for 3 hours...need guidance
Getting error “t.entity is undefined” with the plugin "slider-entity-row"
Metrics: how to access advanced integration, Supervisor and HA internal information
Caldav - Calendar sensor shows only appointments which are 24h in the future!
Delete this message
IFTTT applet skipped
Configure Sprinklers
Insteon Cover, HOW to setup a stop button on HA?
Hassio ZHA - Add through integrations not configuration.yaml
Can't use '/local' directory location on Dietpi [Solved]
Subscribe to a mqtt topic
What might cause all clients on the built in MQTT broker to disconnect?
No data, strange
Home Assistant Community Add-on: Node-RED
Sonoff /eWeLink component for original firmware
Is the Google Travel Time Sensor Broke
Loading locked with "Home Assistant is starting, not everything will be available until it is finished."
Struggling with turning lights on automation
Sensor for the sum of the values of two sensors
New light bulb do not get added auto to the light card on my dashboard
What's wrong
Multiple Vera Hubs
Please delete - found the problem
I really do want to like HA but
Mapping not allowed in config/configuration.yaml
Nothing seems to work
Run script based on slider percentage
Input Select with Alexa for Scene Control
0.115: B-Day release! Media browser, tags, automations & WTH
Automation - Lights keep timing out when we are in front of them
MQTT switch with a different look
Set the web url in web card dynamically
Media Browser support for iTunes
Esphome & nextion tft lcd
Google assistant integration breaks HASS?
Went i press the Switch to ON the relay go to OFF
Input Datetime error
Paid setup help needed
Automaction that repeats x times per day
Paid Consultants for Home Security Platform?
Problems with Alarm control panel automations
Install complete
Please help me Trigger on event state_change
Function "Or" and "AND", not working with mobile devices
Dim lights to 50% of their brightness?
Unable to find the configuration error
New to home assitant
[SOLUTION]Alexa Media Player and temperature sensor not available
Time difference between previous sensor update
Configuration relay board type R421A08 - RS485 MODBUS RTU
Running a shell command from Home Assistant to remote linux PC
Automation for turning off Govee lights when Samsung TV turns off
Need help logic
How to save a Variable, triggered by an event
Command_state: parameter with "quotes"
My PI4b HA is starting to crash
Simple automation. For garage opening
Error setting up entry Z-Wave
Thermostat entity change whit home assistant update
Struggling to combine a template sensor with an automation
Trying to convert kb/s sent to Mb/s sent
Modbus stopped working with rel 2021.7
Floureon c17
Rest API is slow
Mystery with light
How to notify all events in Google Calendar?
Template for lighting control when the first person arrives at home
"Required key not provided" (binary_sensor automation created using Lovelace UI)
How to check when script was last triggered
Image in Media Browser on Picture Card
Set helper to value of sensor
Q: Motion Lights automatio
🔹 Card-mod - Add css styles to any lovelace card
How to notify all events in Google Calendar?
Initial help to access sensors for newbie
No Card Type Found - Mini Media Player
Supervisor suddenly not loading
Unable to import a tasmotized Sonoff into Home Assistant via ESPHome
Checking window covers postion in group atomation
Cannot trigger via group state
Customising the BOM Weather and lovelace - now in HACS
Ping connectivity check
"Required key not provided" (binary_sensor automation created using Lovelace UI)
Counting operating hours under conditions
Switch lights off when last person leaves
MQTT / sensor help needed
Using templates in script and modbus.write_register
Trigger an automation based on time sensor with offset of few seconds
Проблема с регистрацией после установки
Can we revisit the move to qt-openzwave?
I tried all the camera platforms so you don't have to to control xiaomi fan.zhimi_fan_v2 Fan On and Off
Automaton condition is false, action happens anyway
Entities with multiple values
Control the air conditioner
Strange things going on
Device trackers always showing not_home despite being used
Making a Google device work with other units
Script to disable/enable all automations right after Startup / Boot?
Home Assistant Community Add-on: Nginx Proxy Manager
Anfänger Fragen
After: ?variable? (yaml)
Need help with Google Calendar setup in my configuration.yaml file
User based permission [Solved]
Help With Room-Assistant
All lights in area on at dusk
Broken Automation with Motion Sensor and Lights
Variables not resolving
Userchecking in an automation (maybe via IF-Clause)
MUE4094RT Philips Xiaomi Motion Sensor
Netatmo outdoor camera not working
I Have no idea what's going on
ZigStar - ZigBee Coordinators and Routers
Automations not working - 24 hour
Send data by pressing a button
After updating to HA 2020.12.2, many integrations no longer work
Script: saving entity state and restore it at the end of the script
Help with WOL and ping
Group Light and Switches
2020.12: Automate with Blueprints!
Above in automation
Problems with turn on/turn off lights
Control my blinds
Assign dynamic sensor name from MQTT message
How do you change Tplink Switch to a Door Class? so i can list it in Entity Card
To stupid to get simple automation
How to set a input_number as a delay time
Problem with “Irrigation Unlimited HACS Integration”. Enabled attribute
2021.7: A new entity, trigger IDs and script debugging
Template in automation trigger's "for" not working
Transition not working in Automations
Help with convert m3 water into liters
Help with controlling Thermostat when Door is open
Customize window sensor
Connecting Xiaomi temperature sensors to MQTT... please help
AM2302 ESPHome Compatibility Problem
SMTP not working and SMTP integration not available
Issue IP Hassos on Proxmox - Guest Agent not running
Little problem integrating my watermeter
Home Assistant não reconhece meus Sensores Tuya Zigbee e Wi-fi
Imap Email Content Automation
Power down a cinema processor with a script
[New Addon] Samba NAS. (Mount external disk and share it )
Using mqtt to shutdown home-assistant
Need Help: Values is string but need float values (platform: rest)
1st automation trigger
Duckdns config fails - not a file for dictionary value
Costco Feit Smart Dimmer Tuya Convert Tasmota
DHT22 sensor not working HASSOS
Retrieve a variable value on a CAN Bus
Change update interval from Number Components
2021.1: Happy New Year!
How to capture and use the sensor.door_name.operator value from August
Set input_number from LED brightness at automation action
Config, base_url and can't restart
Repeat until, mulitple triggers, trigger.entity_id
2021.3: My Oh My
How to use a neopixel led as notification
Getting an odd message in the logs "Platform mqtt does not generate unique IDs." - where to solve that?
Icon State Change_Garage
Scrape CSV
TemplateError ZeroDivisionError: float division by zero, what is wrong in my syntax?
Getting json data in a sensor
Binary sensor on turns switch on automation not running
Home Assistant Community Add-on: motionEye
Light toggle script
Area conditions?
Ubibot Temp/Humidity integration problems
Message malformed: Service esphome.esp-buzzer_unit_keep_buzzer does not match format
Templating value - possible only with creating addiotional sensors?
Binary Sensors missing
How to get ~800 Leds to work smooth with Fastled or Neopixel
Broadlink script
Aqara and Hue Motion sensors help
Automation based on Onkyo receiver state
Newbie help for custom_components
Determining how many days until a date is reached
Without yaml - are we meant to manually reconfigure every integration each time?
When I put the http: and the two SSL files in configuration.yaml RPi will not serve webpage
ESPHome Integration with this Sensor
Nanoleaf shapes
Set GPIO switch as lock for homekit
Should I be able to see port 80?
CSS how to "fix" picture-elements = no scrolling?
Automation with time
Lost dimming in esphome/HA
TV Turn off by switch
Are Light groups screwy or is it just me?
Help with cm to % on D1 mini and HC-SR04
Motion sensor triggered Spotify playlist
Automation with various conditions
Environment Canada Issues
Automation with a dynamic value
RPi 4 install
Google Calender - Automation - Homeoffice Tracking
How to setup Spotify
Use state of mqtt topic to override physical button press action?!
Sensor values in alerts
Can't upgrade to 2021.11.3
Disregard this post
Frustrating: my person entity simply gone
How to copy ui automations from one installation to another (incl device_id)
Malformed required key not provided @ ['zone']
Combine a switch and a sensor
Using CATT
Error when calling media service
Tuya Repeating automation
Input helper number not a float?
Transition and weird things
🔹 Layout-card - Take control of where your cards end up
How to control the LED with MQTT?
Binary Sensor Changing State Text
Change user ID to Friendly name in Automation
Is there a way to have triggers timeout?
Entrance Gate - Kids safety
ESP8266 gets reconised in HA but not the PIR, need some HELP!
Create a sensor for holidays/workdays
Passage de valeur à un script
Junk reminder automation problem
Pulse-counter on MCP23017 io extender
Safe Mode Start - Can anyone help?
Problem with automation AC off When window is close
Sensor.webhook_temperature: UndefinedError: 'dict object' has no attribute 'temperature'
Virtual Lights On / OFF
Automation option missing
Multiline template in automation condition
Automate light timing on and off
Repeat Until Script Crashing HA after Updates (worked perfectly for over a year)
Modbus switch config errors
Setup failed for push
Thermostat Setup
WLED automation with segments
Urgent help needed
Automations stoped working after update
Failed Raspberry Replacement
HOW To Execute Commands
HACS and mini_graph-card
Automation creation
Sensor Automation - Template Problem
Can't send photo to Telegram
Lovelace: Weather card with chart
Create a loop for a timer/sensor
Nested groups
Denial of service attack
Automation does not start
Add simple data template ability to visual editor
Create an entity in yaml and make it appear in dashboard
Automation with if/else service selection
MQTT Dash Commands (json) to Jinja2
Media seek position excepted float, using a template
ESP32 Cam - working!
Assistant Relay
Energy Cost Calculation went haywire after 2022.8
Name / description of icon - floor plan
ESPHOME refuses static IP Address
Keep getting an error
ESPHome - 8266 device does not connect to WiFi
RestAPI Template parsing
How to turn off Home Assistant correctly?
Run automation only once every 24h
Timer duration from lovelace UI
Creating new script to open and close IKEA blinds
Warning Smartir
Scene setting wrong input_select in automation for some reason
Home Assistant Automation issue with "OR" condition
Enable sensor if consumption is low
Controlling only lights that are on within a group or an area with templating
2021.6: A little bit of everything
2021.6: A little bit of everything
Counter decreases when internet resets
Problem with creating restful binary_sensor - Template variable error: 'value_json' is undefined when rendering
MQTT (Nilan to hassio)
Shed door template sensor help
Optimize automation water pump
Group's State not accurate
ESPHome modbus Growatt ShineWiFi-S
Configure sensor to show increments / delta changes of other cumulative sensor
Help configuring YAML for relay assistant (for automations)
Where is the condition error script?
Automation based on log
MQTT switch and sensor dont work after 2022.9 upgrade
ESP32 badly shows ADC
HA consultant for hire?
Switching off lights at or before sundown
Use helper minus 2? Can home assistant do math?
Automations don't work after update
ESPHome killing Wifi of ESP?
After restarting HA, the "energy_cost" sensors are reset to 0
Sensor value send mqtt
Hello_service integration sample
How to change color light?
Can not connect ESPHome manual
2021.7: A new entity, trigger IDs and script debugging
Need help to translate in yaml
2021.7: A new entity, trigger IDs and script debugging
Automations using Wyze Sensors
Help with thermostat
Modbus PLC YAML help
Help me love HA - first (failing) automation, Daikin AC with BRP069B45
Help me love HA - first (failing) automation, Daikin AC with BRP069B45
ZHA-Aqara Single Wall Button (WXKG03LM) onle have power
How to invoke automation at value update
Template or script in an automation
ST7735 display not display temp. reading (SOLVED)
Honeywell CH/DHW via RF - evohome, sundial, hometronics, chronotherm
Have timestamp (varying day to day), want to use it!
Systemmonitor Drive argument config
Help needed for MQTT Binary Sensor
Wait for service call in automation
Link local file on Lovelace editor
Missing energy management
Missing energy management
Combination of service_template and data_template fails
Instalar un segundo SSD
HASwitchPlate in ESPHome
Sensor Template | use backup sensor if main not available
Temp sensor trigger not working
Link multiple ESP8266/Wemos D1 and/or Wifi-less Connection?
Send out status emails to dynamic recipients, depending on who request the status
Basic templating: Calculating percentages
Mi first automation
Blueprint is getting Imported but Automation is not running
Energy template - battery input 2 values
Sensor value from homeassistant not readable for ST7735 (SOLVED)
My Problem: how can i open a popup on click
What regular expression to use?
Help with group yaml
Vicare not working
Hue Motion Sensor Automation does not work with ZHA
Error while announcing change in weather.home status
Elapsed Time Since Timestamp
Integratienota not showing
File output with curly braces
Round template (sensor) to n decimal places, including ending 0's
Random ssml Google Cloud Say
IKEA motion sensor
LED Motion sensor automation
"Energy" - Where are the water device_classes
2021.9.0: More energy, USB discovery, template ❤️
Time Calculation in Home Assistant (sensor & Helper)
Templating help - Show remaining time in HH:MM of timer
Template rendered invalid service - Unexpected error for call_service
Integrations didn't work after upgrade
🔹 state-switch - conditional card on steroids
Sensor value from homeassistant not readable for ST7735 (SOLVED)
Having trouble with a timer
Integração da camera Imilab C20 no Home Assistant
Lovelace dashhoard card help
How to group sonoff switches by room
Difficulties with installation of Home Assistant Operating System on Generic X86-64
Reset state timer
Template Sensor for days remaining?
2021.10.0: Z-Wave S2 support, Tuya, secure ESPHome and 400 new icons
Mqtt I want to use data form /config/mqtt_dump.txt i want 32 that i highlight as shown on the right. how can i get it
Automation not work - user error?
Lovelace Table
Automation trigger on time 15 minutes
Is there a good video that explains how to make entries into the configuration.yaml for beginners? All of the youtube videos that I watch are based on old platforms
Abfallkalender in Home Assistent
Turn Fan off when light off, but wait until humidity is lower than threshold
Notify which condition in my automation was used (Doors open)
No external acces with a reverse proxy (synology) but ok in internal (closed)
Unable to find my mqtt device path to use in zigbee2mqtt
Mosquitto addOn - create a second user?
Graph data
How to change Port assigned to UPB PIM
Home assistent hikvision stream for a newbie/noob
Echo Show 15 alternative for HA
Regex to filter raw data from dutch gas
Time automation triggers on resart
Trying to use light level attribute as automation condition
[Solved] Change color after time
Function button
iPhone distance detection
Problem creating sensor template nest thermostat
Dim a light after a certain time
Variables in a script
Set boolean based on equation
Programmatore per Home assistant
2022.3: Select and play media
SNZB-01 as event trigger
Changing 'template entity' state based on 'entity value + attribute'
How to make HA actively check availability?
Installation on a Raspberry Pi4
Modbus failure
New supervisor "unsupported" error
Indentation :(
Filter "Already running" in logs
Trouble Connecting ESP32-WROOM-32
Float(0) and Automations in 2021.12
Input_number Template help
Dim All lights that are currently on
Samba share AND Windows 11 NOT WORKING!
Modbus config problem
Google Translate - announce the door that was opened
Template Cover for gate with automatic closure
Totally stuck with Energy integration, and frustrated too
Button to start operate smartplug for a defined time period
Running automation every 2 hours for 30 minutes
Problema con automazione bluetooth
Button to start operate smartplug for a defined time period
Sliders instead of the big Bulb?
Help with conditional icon colour
Temp automation not firing
Beginers question!
Presence sencing is frustrating and shouldn't be
HA, ESPHome, Switch state reports opposite of actual condition
Working Ethernet Thermometer using the Olimex ESP_POE_ISO board
AND funtion on multiple triggers, or a work-around for it?
Multiple IOS notifications through app
Secure Thermostat
Energy calculation serval devices (lights) gets a reset or strange value after reboot
Switching on/off radiator with TRÅDFRI control, according to temperature of Aqara sensor
Teething problem …
How can I see all my covers/blinds are closed
Dynamic gauge severity
POW R2 sonoff
Capture snapshot notification push not work
Discovergy Power Meter
How to change the syle of a switch? [SOLVED]
ESPHome Can't Prevent Deep Sleep
MQTT to usable light entity (not autodiscoverred)
How to create a flash rutine?
How to fix this template?
Read values from a txt file
Can't figure out endless loop
Code for PH Sensor DFRobot
Energy consumption and generation
State Trigger & Time Condition Question
Automation for Bathroom lights and music and blinds not working. Never triggers and goes down default choose path. Help Please
POW R2 sonoff
Phone tracking to disable Home Assistant Manual Alarm?
Does a motion detector need to see motion before it can report it doesn't see motion anymore?
Optimize the MQTT code (Shelly 4 Pro)
Aeotec Heavy Duty ZW078 Failing Inclusion to ZWaveJS
How do I split friendly name correctly in this automation?
Need help with sht31 code
Want to make an automation repeat until a condition exists
No voltage history TOMZN Smart Energy Meter
Reed sensor in gasmeter - wrong consumption
Turn off 3 zigbee dimmers when I arm the alarm
ESP32 Cam - working!
Device_Tracker "not_home" not functional
Using templates in script and modbus.write_register
Failed to call service script. Error: No active player
Original yaml of the 13$ atom echo voice assist?
Help! Hot to make this automation survive restart
Trigger.for / set value dependent of some state
A switch stopped working
How to improve tts script with variable
Two different PINS to control two LED strips
Gauge in Energy dashboard miscalculates
I need some help with my script (noob warning)
HA rounds sensor's data revcieved via MQQT
Need some help on decoding stacked payload
Couple buttons, boxes, and an automation, basic first steps :)
Sunrise/sunset help
Just installed fresh 2021.12.7 and input_boolean seems different
Just installed fresh 2021.12.7 and input_boolean seems different
This forum is not a helpdesk
Automation to react to "inactivity"
Nodered timer data through put to HA dashboard
Need help for settings an automaton for my Bravia TV
Need help with Switch override for motion sensor for turning on lights
How to change a sensor to an "energy" sensor for energy dashboard
Automations with Shelly Button 1 to notify battery low
How to get the state of lights (on/off) as a condition with the area_id?
Get list of sensors that are open
Brand new noob - having a go at my first integration - energy - nearly there!
Days until template sensor
Trigger pump with heating circuits
Wifi multiple networks specific SSID
Cannot publish via mqtt sensor state
If elsif code questions
Using variables in automations
Dropdown Helper State Machine
E3DC in Energy Dashboard
Installation on Qnap NAS
Problem in summing up 2 sensors
Disable and enable wlan on time and day
PIR sensor directly connected to HA?
Automation Trigger with Counter higher then previous
Cant Program D1 Mini
Using variables in automations
Slug terminology
Message malformed: expected dict for dictionary value @ data['event_data']
Disable and enable wlan on time and day
Are there some ESP32 variants I should avoid for lack of support? (Newbie)
Temp sensor automation
Automation guidance
Unable to use "if and" in a thermostat automation
Trigger an automation based on a group's individual entity state change
Which is the best Weather integration for Australia
Configuration.yaml prersence detection
MDI icons availability
Using variables in automations
Using a variable in scripts with brightness_pct
Missing Text to speach option on google home mini
Multiple Triggers, one action?
Esp32dev devices go unavailable
Spotify HA
PIR sensor directly connected to HA?
Play one radio stream by pushing one button
Why is Tasmota only showing states on select devices?
Saving state into a variable
New to HA - general questions
Please help me with the template configuration
Can't stop ESPHome restarting with weak wifi
Template help? Light brightness
Volume control via telnet
Trying to create two tab like buttons for multiple simple thermostat cards
Decimal point not Working
[wait_for_trigger] is an invalid option for [script]
Pulling my hair for Time condition
Get randrom value which not duplicate with the value in previous random list
Energy export daily sensor not available
How to use state attributes in condition?
Using tts.cloud_say and Sonos
Wifi issues
What am I doing wrong? (TTS with restore of previous state)
Turn off all Thermostats in area_name(trigger.entity_id)
Block start / end difficulty
Template condition to check state for multiple entities?
Searching sensors with selectattr
How to use select filter on a variable with unknown format?
AZ-Touch and ESP32
Automation action or condition yaml
MQTT Sensor - variable payload throws errors?
Http entry
Suggestion on part time template sensors usage
Alert based on the previous value from mqtt
Newbie question - how do I install a community add-on, Nissan Leaf
Long delay in automation actions. What happens if I manually intervene in the meantime?
AZ-Touch and ESP32
Camera cards not loading in display mode but displays fine in edit mode
Configuring: light:- platform: mqtt
Esp32dev devices go unavailable
Multiple value in a single MQTT packet. Trying to split them up?
Configuration invalid
Automation runtime based on Season
ESPHome not accepting HA binary sensor?
Request help Configuration
Automation based on part of MQTT payload
Turn light off after X minutes, no matter how it was turned on
MQTT Notify Automation help
How to read a specific byte(s) from a binairy file
Backup 11111
Trying to clean up storage as HA says I have 0% storage left
Installing/using ESPHome
Any good ideas are welcome. Nordpool Energy Price per hour
WARNING Can't connect to ESPHome API for XYZ.local: Error resolving IP address: [Errno -2] Name or service not known
How to use PZEM004T Energy Monitor with esphome
Trigger automation if action not seen in N hours
Elgris Smart Meter (Energy Meter)
Problemas con persianas maxcio
Mistake in automation?
Markdown numbers and replace
502: Bad Gateway for Zigbee2mqtt
Scene to open shutters not working, while one to close them is
How to a trigger GPIO on Raspeberry Pi with a PIR sensor
Automation, compare sensor with numeric helper
How to turn on/off multiple outputs in one on_message?
Help with template trigger
HELP bathroom automation
How to program delay from header toggle
How can I run my sprinkler script only on even-number days?
Shelly don't work after update
How to install Zigbee2MQTT correctly?
Counting Bulbs and Sockets
Home Assistance OS 2022.3.5 - very slow and unusable
Automation Template Trigger Not Triggering
Help with Network Manager
Smart button?
Help with first MQTT IR remote control
MQTT Message value issue
Newbie Help required please
Templates and script problem
ESP online but no entity
Can't get my automation to trigger every 2 hours
How to template a date time part of a sensor
Removal of GPIO support
Need help with Google Calendar setup in my configuration.yaml file
ESP online but no entity
Bathroom fan and light with motion and humidity sensor
I can't get a template trigger to work in an automation
Migrating Sonos.join to media_player.join
Time sensor
Confusion about how to automate state+ 2 times device to work
End of the stream or a document separator is expected
What is happened, half my addons are gone, omly official ones, where to find the others
First automation beginner
Understanding Automation Time Conditions
Reset of counters at a specific moment
Specific time and day set up?
Script repeat for each problem
Splitting text out of an entity attribute
OLED Display lamda function read home assistant sensor
Calendar announcement
Custom Component: ENTSO-e Day Ahead Energy Prices
Insane values in energy dashboard solar production on template sensor
Google calendar automations not working
How to do a sum of several sensors?
Can't get simple automation to run
New Widetech Internet Dehumidifier
Hey Insteon users!
Automation Panasonic Heatpump
Musiccast using custom mini media player and the official musiccast integration. Enjoy!
Modbus: spicierModbus2mqtt
Different actions depending on Conditions
Template to script or automation help/ heating schedule
Automation on boiler
Termostat brak poczenia WI FI esp8266 ESPhome z HA
Help configuring multiscrape select command
Wall panel logs off
Sun time seems stuck on GMT
Configuration and more
Garbage help
Home assistant yellow and docker compose frigate
One button with two actions
Dynamic actions based on a single trigger
How to do time manipulation on a string that contains only hours and minutes?
Change icon color based on state(on/off)
NGINX fails to start
Automation with time, offset with an input_number
Help on Calendar Event
HA won,t restart bad config
Automation If Trigger
Scheda con password
Fun with custom:button-card
Automation (action: repeat) stopped "because an error was encountered" (HTTP 503)
Upgraded to SSD and now I've no zigbee
Hope someone here could help me with a contact sensor/ lock automation (all doors in 1 automation if possible)
Automation sunset turns on at noon
LED Tide Display (help needed)
Connect a device that is not integration?
Phänomen! Anmelden eines Homatic-Schaltaktors hm-lc-sw2pbu-fm in Raspimatc
Sonoff EM Power Attribute - Get a number from string
Goodnight Automation? (Smartthings clone)
ESPHome update has killed wifi
Home Assistant Community Add-on: Visual Studio Code
Binary template assessing the value of multiple valves - how to?
Run automation between 2 constant dates all the years
Time comparison in template
Whats wrong in this file?
Issue with BME280 in TTGO T-Higrow
Wrong ntp during installation
Running the dosing pump with esphome
Broadlink RM4 - trying to learn IR and RF codes via script
Automation doesn't trigger if the trigger changed outside the time condition
How to Switch WordClock via HTTP and Input Text via UI or Automation
Trying to add minutes to sunset time via helper number
How can I set callback function for the cancel event of a script?
Updated Devices in smart things to home assistant
Linkind zigbee alarm starter pack
Need help to configure temp automation
Sonoff ZBBridge Pro w/ Tasmota - is Serial to IP over WiFi an issue?
Hard Disk state
Energy Dashboard shows wrong values from energy counter
Samba is being bothersome
Automation with time trigger not running but manually started
Tuya local
Want to help others? Leave your AI at the door
Don't understand, how delays and triggers work
Renaming sensor output doesn't work
Assistance for defining mqtt device using the new way described in 2022.6
How to increase variables in scripts?
Help needed asap
Simpel backup automation not triggering (NEW install)
Message malformed: Unable to determine action @ data['action'][0]
Please help me with device in google home
How to compare two Device Values against each other
Prayer time
MQTT BROKER and entity
Automation to turn on/off switch to charge fire tablet
Problems to configure my Oregon sensor
Configure media player to play an internet stream
SIM800l component
Power down a cinema processor with a script
Automation/Template Switch?
Tell HA that the sensor is a water sensor
Get the total time a input boolean was turned on and the average by dividing with a counter number
Automation: open shutter when stop raining - what am I doing wrong?
Esp32 board not connecting
FingerprintDoorbell Frickelzeug MQTT Problem
Stack-In-Card: Drop-in replacement for vertical-stack-in-card
Generic MQTT notifications
Use input (fields) in script as sequences
Will not install on a clean OS
Entities Card 'Format' Variable Broken?
I want to set user1 to be read-only, cant control ennity. How can I do
I want to set user1 to be read-only, cant control ennity. How can I do
Binary sensor based on time sensor
Binary sensor not being updated from MQTT
Automation not running from state trigger
Intesis - clima device integration without cloud connector
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Jinja Help needed: How to display the value of a variable?
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How to use value_template to extract data from the sensors command
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Want to help others? Leave your AI at the door
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Wrong chip id 0x0002
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Setting input min and max number using another input number
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If-then-rule -- but how?
The B.A.BA of "automation"
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ESPHOME unknownn Sensor
Best practices for making an open/close curtains automation
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Curtains close at Sunset or 8 pm
Regolazione luminosità tablet
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Pulsante apri cancello
Предложение по доработке диаграммы
How to get PV production in the energy dashboard
If then else in configuration.yaml for serial data
If then else in configuration.yaml for serial data
Creating template
Power Usage calculation
Tasmota temperature scenes/automates dont work
Estado sensor desconocido
Issues with mqtt sensor
Tasmota temperature scenes/automates dont work
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Energy sensor goes to zero every time template is changed
Make value 0 if unavailable
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