How to install HA on QNAP


HomeAssistant in docker on my qnap is very stable.



I would like to install HA on my Qnap NAS too.
With the documentation available on the website, I am sure I can install it.
But I don’t fully know how to set everything up with Duckdns and LetsEncrypt etc…

Can anybody help we get on track?



hi, was anyone able to get HomeKit to work with their setups


share tutorial:


Hello everyone, I’ve HASSIO installed on LXC container, but I’ve problem with Xiaomi_aqara gateway someone have same problem?


Hi All

How do you upgrade your Docker, QNAP Container HA version ?

QQ: I’m running HA in a docker container under Container Station; using Host for the network and I’ve mapped a host folder to /config.

When it comes to upgrading, what do people do (exactly) to update the above configuration?

Is it the exact docker command line in the guise, or do we have to do something different ?


I can confirm this tutorial works for me when migrating from Hassio on Pi. I am using TS-453Be. However, my Aeotec Z-stick doesn’t work on the USB port at the back of the NAS. I have to use the one in the front to get it work. My other CC2531 Zigbee stick works fine on any USB port. Just remember to do step 3 of the tutorial to pass the ACM devices to the LXC container

I got an error on the build-in sql database after restoring from Hassio snapshot. Delete the HA database and let HA to rebuild a new one. Works fine after that