How to install on custom ARM?

I just tried installing Supervised on Rockpro64 but it fails with

[error] Armbian 23.8.1 bookworm is not supported!

(it’s basically Debian 12)

The Rockpro64 is more powerful than the raspberry 4, but it only got 4 GB of RAM.

My next try is installing a container, but I cannot find a guide to install an ARM container.
Is it correct that it does not make sense to install a x86 container on ARM because this will slow things down to a crawl?
So, where do I find an ARM64 container?

Or should I try the core installation? I am a linux pro, so I don’t fear anything :wink:

in general I am missing an overview of the different HA flavours. For the beginner it’s rather unclear.
Would be nice to have a gfx that shows the different architectures.

thank you very much.


That is why it is on the first doco page

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yeah, but I don’t understand it.

I don’t know if pimox runs on the Rockpro64

What’s pimox?

Supervised is only supported on Debian.

A port of proxmox to the pi (arm64)

I got that. What’s the alternative if I don’t want to run HA OS directly?
What is Proxmox and why do I need it?

You are talking chinese.
Why don’t you answer my initial questions?

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Of course you won’t run an x86 container on arm64. You’ll run an arm64 aarch64 container

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Then you should know to look for aarch64 instead of arm64 containers.

The answer is to found in the docs already linked:

As you found out supervised is only supported on a clean/vanilla Debian (no derivatives) you have two choices left.

So read the docs - they don’t bite :wink:

If you find time you also can read up this informative post here :point_down:

By the way there is a version of debian for arm64, you could try that + supervised.

(arm64 and aarch64 are the same thing, the terms are interchangable)

Thanks for your help, I made the installation via the linux guide.
I had some problems with zigbee, have to figure out the cause of the interference. Seems to be SATA related.
but apart from that it works fine.
Installed mosquitto into docker as well, as the add-on store does not work in HA docker…
Does not work yet, I think I have to set-up mosquitto first.

Yes you didn’t want to install haos or debian, so you don’t get addons.