How to Integrate Google Assistant and Home Assistant API using only IFTTT

The delay seems to be reasonable from the IFTTT side, google assistant varies it seems. Seems that I can’t IFTTT to send the packets. syslog and access.logs show not attempt try trying the IFTTT webhook manually.

If I try to do the request local, it works. I tried with a http request from and that works fine too.
IFTTT documentation is lax, and found a couple results that the ssl certificate is not validated by IFTTT.

running nginx with letsencrypt ssl with certificate based auth and failback basic auth expect for /api

Rookeh, could you share your play_movie script? I’m trying to do something similar from IFTTT … calling a script with another variable, but I am not sure how the syntax works in the script. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick response. Actually, I still haven’t decided whether to buy a Google Home or not. This delay seems too much for me and I’m testing Google Now + Tasker in the meantime.

@Smith, sure, I’ll post my script config when I get home tonight.

Edit: This is the config for my play_movie script:

  alias: Play Movie
  - service: shell_command.play_movie
      movieTitle: '{{movieTitle}}'

This in turn calls a shell command which passes the movie title as an argument to a python script that contains all of the logic to find and play the movie. That command is defined in the config as follows:

play_movie: python3 /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/scripts/ {{movieTitle}}

(As I look back at this it occurs to me that I could probably simplify this logic by just calling the shell command directly without needing the script - this was probably the first thing I attempted to set up in HA though so you’ll have to excuse the inefficiency!)

Anyway, HTH. :slight_smile:

Thanks, this helps.
@fanuch, I also experience some delay in Google Assistant / IFTTT / HA calls, but they work well.

This is another way of doing it :slight_smile: :

How can I get the recognized word about Google assistant Forwarding via a webhook??
I ask for help.

http://[email protected]:[email protected]:11111/api/globalVariables/test

Body = { “value”: “Recognized word”, “invokeScenes”: true }

Can someone please give me a tip.

Take a look at the link that I posted above, if you still have troubles I’ll explain in detail :slight_smile:

using IFTTT, would it be possible to retrieve information from a sensor?

for example, finding out home temperature from a zigbee/zwave sensor?


Not using this method.
IFTTT responds with an ‘okay’ message, and does not forward the response from Home Assistant.

Best to post that as a question in the forum.

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Thanks for the greatTutorial,

when i have dyndns can is use it to?

is this correct?

is this stock? i dint have to change ths?

can you explain me that? iam very helpless with that, for me its like from another world…

Replace the body with whatever is relevant for you. Best place to go is the Services section of Developer Tools on your front end to find out the right query.

i have these five lamps which i wanne switch on and off

Thank you very much

is this correct?

Yes. Make sure that mydyndns is an actual address. (i.e. has .com or whatever you use)

is this stock? i dint have to change ths?

If you go to services you will be able to see that it says light.xxxx if you are targeting a light. If you are targeting a switch it will be a different call.

Replace the body with whatever is relevant for you. Best place to go is the Services section of Developer Tools on your front end to find out the right query.

These are instructions you can follow. If you can toggle your light/switch from this page, you will be able to find the correct augments to pass.

Perfect Thank you i got everything to work…

Thanks a lot

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what about google home?

Works too. Just need to make sure you are setting this up on the phone that Google Home is connected to,

hello tks for your tutorial, i´m very noobie on this, i was already able to setup my broadlink with home assistant, and i´m trying to make a webrequest trough ifttt to turn on my tv, but I don´t know how to fill correctly this applet. After service on the url what should I write, switch? also on my services there´s nothing how should I know wich service should I call? My entity I notice it´s on the dashboard state, and after entoty_id what should I wirte. If anyone can help me I´d be very apreciate.

Hello there, tks for the tutorial I´m having problem to find the right service, I foun the on my state dashboard, but on my service dashboard I did not find anything, I´m trying to turn on my tv I´ve already have the switch for this it´s a IR broadlink. Any clue?

Go to Developer Tools, then click on States (looks like < > ) then search for the name of your ‘switch’. Please post it here so I can assist.

How can I use this with a variable to set up an alarm clock?
I have written done my approach here but I don’t know how to finish it.

This is really great. Works well. I cant figure out how top toggle a light group. Any advice? I would also like to know hot to turn off/on a light without toggle if possible.

edit figured it out