How to Integrate Google Assistant and Home Assistant API using only IFTTT


Hello there, tks for the tutorial I´m having problem to find the right service, I foun the on my state dashboard, but on my service dashboard I did not find anything, I´m trying to turn on my tv I´ve already have the switch for this it´s a IR broadlink. Any clue?


Go to Developer Tools, then click on States (looks like < > ) then search for the name of your ‘switch’. Please post it here so I can assist.


How can I use this with a variable to set up an alarm clock?
I have written done my approach here but I don’t know how to finish it.


This is really great. Works well. I cant figure out how top toggle a light group. Any advice? I would also like to know hot to turn off/on a light without toggle if possible.

edit figured it out


Anyone have any insight into the issue i’m having? It would be much appreciated!!! thanks