How to invert roller shutters in Z-Wave JS?

I have several Fibaro roller shutters (aka blinds). When they are open, the are On and when closed they are Off. As they are up most of the time, I think it makes sense to have that the other way around.

Is there a way to invert this in the new Z-Wave JS integration? It was possible in the old Z-Wave integration (and coming from Domoticz, it’s very easy there).

Yes, re-wiring is an option, but I’d rather not.

Hey did you manage to get it working?
I have the same problem.

BTW did you manage to get all buttons working for the fibaro?
HA only shows one button state while in Domoticz I had 8.
(1 press, 2 presses, 3 presses, long press, both for up and down.)

The feature for HA in general (not only Z-Wave) has been discussed here:

Afaik there is no real solution so far.