How to make default Torque integration work in Home Assistant

a) most email senders don’t remove the plus. technically they could, but they don’t.

b) I don’t really care. I use the + when I feel it’s appropriate. it’s easy and free.

c) there are other uses for it. like if I want multiple accounts with the same service provider. or as in the case of this Torque integration I’d like to have different identifiers that resolve to the same email account.

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did anyone set this integration up with a local ip adress, like @ugfus1630 mentioned?
my setup would be that i activate a wireguard VPN when i enter my car and the data should be transmitted to the local ip of homeassistant.

at the moment, i see only “waiting to upload” like @appsgt69, but data is not yet sent to homeassistant. app is setup like in the tutorial at the beginning of this thread.

Any help would be appreciated.

my HA is installed on Docker and my ip addres is
but I am getting

2024-06-12 22:36:55.199 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.http.ban] Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from ( Requested URL: ‘/api/[email protected]&v=9&session=51718254161979&id=f268ce77e8a205a600d740c83031ec2d&time=1718257022461&kff1005=-118.27152637&kff1006=34.15093709&kff1001=0.0&kff1007=0.0’. (Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 14; SM-S928U Build/UP1A.231005.007))

thank you

I see nobody has replied to your question. I have the same request. Did you ever figure it out? I am using Nabu Casa now so it should be easier - you’d think

First of all - thanks for your tutorial. I tried it and it works on my Android (Moto G Stylus) and sent info to HA. I was trying it in the house monitoring sensors from the phone (battery, GPS, etc). My problem is that my phone doesn’t let me connect to the Blutooth dongle in my Hyundai Tucson since it is using Bluetooth to connect to the head unit; also using Android Auto if that is interfering. I would like to leave an old phone in the car and have it record stats and upload them via wifi when I park the car in the garage - it no longer has a sim/data plan. Someone also requested this later in this thread, but no responses. I am using Nabu Casa so the URL is extremely long - copied and pasted. Anybody else use this situation?

I’ve been using his latest proposition with success for months. Torque logs to HA through a Tailscale VPN when I’m connected to my car.

My way to implement it is by having a Tailscale router on my network that forwards traffic to HA.

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Thanks. I’m turning 63 next week and don’t have time left :slight_smile: to learn Tailscale - I already used DuckDNS, Wireguard, Cloudflare, and now Nabu Casa. I just don’t have enough free brain cells left I guess - just trying to keep the info I have stored on the ones I have left.