How to map options on a 'select' object?

HA Noob here, coming from Openhab and I’ve spent the last few hours trying to work out how to map numerical values to ‘Display text’

i.e I have a Fan speed setting on my AC - low, med, high. These map to values of 0,1,2 respectively on the backend (MQTT Topic).

In Openhab, I had this:
Selection item=AC_Fan label="Fan" mappings=[0="Low", 1="Med", 3="High"]

How can I do that with HA?

    - name: "AC Fan"
      command_topic: "ha/mod/xxxx/XF"
      state_topic: "ha/mod/xxxx/F"
       - "Low"
       - "Med"
       - "High"

I can see that I probably need some sort of template but everything I have come across in the documentation and forums seems insanely complex for what seems like such a simple task. Is there an easy way? Or perhaps i’ll create an intermediate object in node-red to handle the translation?

Select selectors are directly applicable to scripts, but this may work with MQTT devices.

Use an Input Select helper for the “Display text” values, then use an automation that triggers off the state of the helper.

Or, use an Template Select instead.